How to Get Into Motocross


Motocross is one of the most accessible sports in the world right now. This means the number of people getting into it as a hobby is gradually increasing. On the other hand, motocross as a profession tends to be more complex. It requires a great deal of physical strength, mental focus and good technique and skill. Racers at the top of the game stick to tough and gruelling schedules that are akin to what is followed by the Grand Tour racers. But as mentioned, for those joining the sport as a hobby, it is not that difficult of a task to do.

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To start with, ride through a nearby trail or forest (that is safe) on a BMX. This is the easiest and cheapest way you can get a taste of the off road experience that is about to follow. If you are feeling brave, you can also attempt a few jumps to understand how “air time” works. You might scoff at this advice, but many pro motocross racers make use of mountain bikes or BMX’s in their training schedule. This is because the two modes have a great deal of similarities between them.

Quit often overlooked, motocross gear is absolutely critical to ensure your safety. The first thing that pops into your mind is probably helmets or gloves to ensure adequate grip, but there are many others. You will have to opt for a god pair of boots that can handle any sudden and unexpected impacts. There also specific clothing for riders that are lighter and are made of resistant materials. Under your clothing, add a layer of protection for your back and chest. This will reduce the pain of stones hammering onto your body as you drive. Knee braces and neck braces are equally important to prevent twists and other injuries. Remember that in a sport such as this, crashes are sure to happen at some stage or the other so it is best you stay safe all the time.

You also need to think about buying a motocross bike. The bikes have come a long way since their inception and motocross bikes with four stroke engines are widely available. Of course, production for the two stroke is still going and it is a favourite due to its lightness and how easyto is to repair. There are also ecofriendly options but these tend to be quite expensive. If you do not have a huge budget, consider going for a used machine. Make it a point to avoid bikes with a lot of wear and tear. If you purchase a motocross, you also need to purchase a good trailer to carry the bike around.

Look for a motocross track close to your house to take your machine on a test drive. You should also think about attending a motocross school. These places have two clear advantages. One is that they have many motorcycles to test yourself on. The other is that there are plenty of educated and top level drivers who can give you much needed tips on how to improve yourself.

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