How To Fit A Loft Ladder Kit


A Loft Ladder Kit does not come as a one size fits all package, in fact there is a very wide range of loft ladder kits available. The best thing that you can do to ensure that you are using the right loft ladder kit for your loft space is to speak to someone that knows ladders and stairs like the back of their hand and can advise you in the best loft ladder to kit to use. You could go by your own best guess but that could lead to a whole host of problems before, during and after the fitting of your loft ladders. When you order your loft ladder kit it is important that you are aware of any rules and regulations in regard to fitting the ladder.

You may be surprised to know that you there are actually many laws and regulations when it comes to fitting ladders in a home or in any other area. This is because there are responsibilities on home owners to reduce and minimalize any risk of accidents or injuries. This is even more so if it is used as a workspace where other employees are hired. Safety is always top priority and that is why you will have to ensure that the loft ladder kit that you are using to fit your ladders with is designed specifically for the ladders that you are choosing to use.

There are also lots of unique styles and types of loft ladders that are available too. The ladder that you decide upon using will be the one that suits the style of your loft opening the best. If you have limited space at the bottom of your loft ladder, then it would probably be more ideal for you to use folding ladders that can be stored up in the loft space when they are not being used. Even if you need regular access to the loft space, the ladders can be made with a lighter type of material which will make them much easier to fold and lift so that is a job that can be done easily and will not cause any unnecessary problems. If you have a larger access space, then there is the option to have the ladders made to full length and they can stay down always giving complete access to the loft space.

Loft spaces also come in very alternative styles, they can be a more closed area needing a separate access, they can be open and needing a wider staircase to lead up to it or it can make a double tier to a room, and it can enhance an already open space. You can decide what the best loft ladder is for you and the space that you have available but when it comes to styles and loft ladder kit fitting it will be the best idea to talk to a professional with knowledge in the field. This will ensure that you have the best ladders with the safest fitting possible.

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