How to Fill Gaps in Your Property


Having gaps in your property can be incredibly difficult, not to mention hazardous for your health and draining on your finances. You see, especially in the winter, the heat you lose from gaps and holes can have a serious effect on your ability to effectively heat your home – and isolate the critters than might enter your home without your knowledge. As such, it’s important to find ways to plug these gaps – and in this article, you’ll learn how to do just that, leaving your hole-harrowed past in the dust with simple gap-filling methods.

Find a Tradesman

One of the easiest – but also most expensive – ways to counter the gaps that are situated around your home is to hire a tradesman, who will locate all your gaps, and diligently plug them. By leaving this issue to a builder or someone who is experienced in this particular line of work, you’ll be able to isolate the problem and deal with it within a week. However, as mentioned above, it’s the most expensive option on this list. Read on if you’d like to find ways to do this job yourself, finding the holes and plugging them for very little money.

Find the Gaps

If you’re going to set out alone on this gap-filling journey, it’s first important that you become aware of all the gaps in your home. This is fairly simple and requires you to explore all of the rooms in your home – including the basement and the attic – and to find any evidence of gaps that you will attempt to fill. Remember that you will discover gaps near sources of cool air, or where you’ve noticed pests entering your home. By finding all the gaps, you’ll then be best-placed to fill them and increase the comfort and hygiene of your home.

Buying Filler

There are many types of filler, but it’s generally agreed that one of the finest ways to plug those gaps in your home is through a foam-type solution. These can be ordered from Tradefix Direct, arriving swiftly at your home after you’ve found those gaps. The expanding foam is an elegant solution because after being applied it expands to fully plug any gap to which you apply it. That means that even an untrained hand can place the foam in a fairly tight space with ease, taking the weight off your shoulders when it comes to your DIY in your home.


If you’re looking for a longer-term solution, and one that will plug your home gaps for good, you may wish to make it a part of a house-wide renovation project, thus ripping up some of your floor and carpets, delving into your walls, and generally renovating at the same time as fixing those gaps. This is one of the long-term, large-scale options that you should also consider; if you’ve got the cash and the time, why not invest them in making your home more modern at the same time as plugging gaps.

These options will help you decide how to make your home more comfortable, plugging the gaps with which you’ve been uncomfortable for some time.

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