How to download Videos and Audio songs from YouTube to your Devices?


Being able to download video or music from YouTube will come in handy if you are an entertainer of heart and soul. You can easily liven up an otherwise dull presentation or start a family celebration. Not only children will love you for the choice of songs from fairy tales.

Today, even young children are familiar with the YouTube Internet platform, which allows anyone to upload and share any video. Thanks to this service, we have free access to a variety of content full of music and videos. “Why do you want to download any content from YouTube? There are several reasons to know how to download a song or video from YouTube.

Although the internet is the daily bread for most people, there are still many places where you will be offline or want to be offline. In nature, in the subway, or on vacation. In addition, even if you have Internet access, your favourite YouTube video may not be found – YouTube or the video owner may delete the video at any time. That’s why we’ve included the best ways to download free songs, music, and videos from YouTube in our article.

Safe download from YouTube

Downloading from YouTube is in most cases completely safe and there is no need to worry about downloading any viruses with the downloaded content. The dishonesty, however, is a violation of YouTube’s license terms. Downloading or even redistributing content is illegal. You can download songs, videos or other multimedia files at your own risk.

How to download music from YouTube?

Downloading any video or song from YouTube is very easy. You can do everything in just a moment and a few clicks, both to your computer and to your mobile. Many programs, online platforms or applications can be used for download. Let’s show you a few simple ways to download a song or video from YouTube.

Download videos from YouTube to your PC

If you decide to download a given song or video from YouTube to your desktop or laptop, there are two options. Either install special software or use a special website. More detailed information, procedures and recommended programs can be found later in the article.

How to download video from YouTube to mobile?

Of course, YouTube videos and music can also be downloaded from smartphones. In this case, you can also use special applications such as Vidmate or special web services. The advantage of downloading directly from a mobile phone is the easier process.

We really recommend Vidmate. It is available for Android operating systems and can download videos in resolutions up to 4K if available. In addition, you can install Vidmate for free. The advantage is also a simple interface. To download the video, just copy the video URL and choose the quality. Optionally, you can even convert the output to MP4 format for the most Android devices. Vidmate can be used not only to download from YouTube, but also from Google, Facebook and many other websites. This app handles downloads in resolutions up to 4K in MP4, FLV and 3GP formats.

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