How To Determine Whether You Have Anxiety Issues Or Not?


Anxiety is one of the most common psychological conditions people suffer from. There are different ways to treat the condition. If you believe that you are having anxiety issues then there are different ways to come out of it. You should approach a professional therapist who can give you treatment and guide you in the right direction. You can also take medicines, but the adverse effects of those pills are well known. Using the best kratom strains is also helpful. All you need to do is to choose the right powder and take it in moderation. However, before you do any of these, it is important to ensure that you are having real anxiety issues and not anything else.

So here are a few symptoms of anxiety.

Worrying too much without any reason:

When you cannot help yourself, but worrying too much while facing normal and regular daily activities, it should be a sign of general anxiety. These feelings are often consistent and last for most days. This disables the person to finish daily tasks and can affect their social, financial and personal life seriously.

Constant nervousness:

When a person suffers from anxiety, he or she feels vulnerable all the time. It affects their nervous system and leaves the person with racing heartbeats, shaky hands, dry mouth, and sweaty palms. When the brain constantly receives signals of a persistent danger it prepares your body for taking action against the threat. It is a common reaction of the body when preparing to run away or to fight.  Such reaction is helpful when there is a real threat out there. Some of the studies have also noted that those who suffer from anxiety are not able to reduce their arousal as fast as those without anxiety. This indicates that it makes them prone to having longer anxiety effects.


Restless is common among children and teenagers suffering from anxiety disorder. Some of the patients have described such feelings as a strong urge to move or feeling on the edge. A study noticed that among 128 children suffering from anxiety reported to have a restlessness and it was one of the major symptoms.

It is also important to note that not all people suffering from anxiety go through the same feeling. However, doctors take such symptoms very seriously while diagnosing. If you are also noticing restlessness as a regular feeling for more than six months then it might be an early sign of anxiety disorder.


People suffering from anxiety also reported that they are easily fatigued. It very common among anxiety patients. It might seem surprising as anxiety often relates to hyperactivity and arousal, but for some patients also feel fatigue before an anxiety attack. However, it is not still clear whether the fatigue is the result of other anxiety symptoms such as insomnia or muscle tension or it is the outcome of hormonal changes that occur due to anxiety. It is important to note that fatigue also indicates depression or other medical issues.

These are the common symptoms of anxiety disorder. There are different ways to treat it. Many people suffering from anxiety have found using kratom as a great help. It has been in practice in South East Asian countries for so many years to treat social anxiety, and now due to its health benefits, it is gaining popularity and availability in the United States too. So find a reputed store, place your order and see yourself whether it helps you to be confident and happy or not.

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