How to Decorate Your House by Using Tiffany Lamps?


When it comes to decorating your home, you always want to pick the best thing that will add beauty, class, and warmth to your abode. And you will get the combination of these when you choose Tiffany lamps. Whether you want to display simple or complicated patterns, pure or vibrant colour, pyramid or dome shapes, add a natural element to your indoor space with these lamps. Its handcrafted lighting works have hand-cut glass, as well as exquisite patterns. Natural theme including fruit, floras, leaves, vegetables, garden scenes, trees, and insects are blended to produce fabulous inventions. Unlike functional lamps that are made of plastic, metal or wood, Tiffany lamps work better as decorative items. Life without these lamps equals to dishes without aroma.

Are you wondering from where to buy these lamps? Well, there are several shops that offer different types of Tiffany lamps Melbourne and the surrounding areas. So, you can easily pick the ones that will be the perfect addition for your home. Once you are done with shopping, the next thing that you need to focus on is the decoration part. You may think that you will need a lot of things to suit Tiffany lightings. However, you don’t have to decorate this way. To help you, here, we have put together a few tips that you will help you with decoration. Take a look.

  1. Lamp arrangements

Comes with so many arrangements and colour, a Tiffany lamp can easily work as a stunning focal point to orient the room and can steal the show. If the space is larger, then consider pairing multiple lamps in place of one. A Tiffany lamp in the centre of the room can be combined with one or two Tiffany table lamps placed at the sides. For small spaces, make sure not to place too many lamps as it will make the space look crowded. Always try to put Tiffany lights near a sunny window so that the natural light can illuminate the colourful glass shade during the day.

  1. Wall finishes

Full of motifs derived from nature, such as dragonflies, stylised water lilies, peacock feathers, these lights offer a great source of inspiration for tile patterns and wallpaper. Try to balance complex patterns with large areas of solid, muted earth tones like sage green, brown or cream. For small and less-permanent touches of colour and pattern, hang a few decorative fabric samples or ceramic tiles which feature iconic motifs of animals and plants.

  1. Accessories

Tie the space together by planning a few decorative accessories around the room, featuring colours and patterns, which will complement the lamps. You can also keep an eye out for picture frames, antique clocks, mirrors, tea sets, candleholders, jewellery boxes, leaves, flowers, and other decorative items. Consider accompanying the bronze bases of these lamps with other bronze objects. Try blending old and new styles by introducing a few contemporary glass art pieces into the room as well.

So, follow these tips while decorating your house with Tiffany lamps. And to get these lamps along with other decorative items and concrete garden ornaments Melbourne, choose a reputable shop today.

Author Bio: Richard Smith, a popular blogger on concrete garden ornaments Melbourne, here writes on the tips that you should follow for decorating your home with Tiffany lamps Melbourne.

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