How To Create A Medical App For Doctors?


With increasingly more hospitals and doctors employing health apps, the treatment methods are changing quickly. The medical sector is highly responsive as it follows the newest mobility trends. Except for healthcare apps with various solutions for patients, there are different apps for doctors as well. Doctors have been the professional group highly affected by quickly access to the healthcare apps. Moreover, under the situation of pandemic, they move outpatient activities to video chats, emails, text messages, and voice calls, which boosts the demands for communication mobile apps for doctors. Doctors use apps to access health records, set their schedule, and collaborate with their colleagues. 

Advantages of Apps For Doctors 

The main advantage of medical apps for doctors relates to healthcare deliveries that fit into an extensive range of practices. They can be exercised out of hospital wards or a doctor’s office without any kind of geographical constraint. 

Using apps in the medical professional with the innovative solutions that they deliver, can be a real game-changer to establish valuable healthcare systems and reduce costs to facilitate the communication between doctors and patients and enhance patient outcomes. Including an app in the healthcare professionals’ workflow can lead to a few major goals, including: 

  • Improved productivity during the workflow
  • More efficiency during clinical decision-making
  • Enhanced communication at every stage of work 

Types of Mobile Apps For Doctors 

Apps available in the market for doctors differ by their usability and this lets them group as per the area of healthcare they attend to. Generally, apps for doctors fall under the following categories: 

Applications For EHR Maintenance And Access 

These types of apps help medical experts to get immediate access to electronic medical record and perform related tasks. 

  • Open scans and images from their device 
  • Access EMRs and EHRs
  • 1-click electronic prescribing
  • Billing


Applications for Time Management and Information 

These apps can be used to accelerate the performance of various tasks: 

  • Note dictation
  • Note taking
  • Organizing image gallery and information 
  • Audio recording
  • Scheduling staff meetings and appointments 
  • Taking photographs 
  • Accessing cloud storage 

Having an app with information management and note taking functions will not only help declutter a doctor’s desk, organize their schedule, and remove paperwork, but also boost their productivity. 

Applications for Providing Consultancy and Communications 

Using medical apps for doctors, the medical experts can attain more efficiency when it comes to communication, build a stronger social network with their colleagues, and let patients get consultancy services remotely. These types of apps feature: 

  • Video conferencing and calling 
  • Voice calling 
  • Social Networking
  • Multimedia messaging
  • Sending / receiving emails 
  • Texting 

Applications for Clinical Decisions 

Keeping all the guidelines of clinical treatments in mind can be challenging. This is where apps for clinical decisions can help. They have capabilities including: 

  • Medical calculators 
  • Aids on diagnosis 
  • Clinical decision support system 
  • Guidelines of various medical exams 
  • Lab test overviews
  • Lab test orders

Applications For Patient Monitoring and Management 

Patient monitoring and management apps let doctors access electronic records of paients and review any on-demand information from their mobiles directly. Hence, it helps reduce the costs and time of visiting the doctor’s premises. These apps can help doctors to: 

  • Spot the location of a patient 
  • Monitor users with real-time medical conditions 
  • Collect clinically important data 
  • Organize follow-ups with the patients in rehabilitation

Applications for Reference 

Reference apps offer access to important information on diseases, medical conditions, and medications on-the-go. These apps generally feature: 

  • Drug reference guides
  • Medical literature portals
  • Medical journals 
  • Medical coursebooks
  • Medical news

Applications For Training And Education Of Medical Staff And Students 

These apps are based on anatomy-focused presentations by offering visual diagrams associated with the human body parts functions. These apps aim to offer: 

  • Material for test assessment 
  • Continuous medical education 
  • Material for board exam preparation 
  • Surgical Simulation 
  • E-learning materials 
  • Use cases 

How To Create A Successful App For Doctors? 

Development of a medical app is a multistage procedure that requires the efforts of specialists across analysis, designing, and development domains. 

Discovery Stage 

In this stage, the scope of project along with project details are clarified. It calls for market evaluation and requirement elicitation. For doing so, the project manager and business analyst offer their views of market landscape including the targeted sectors with app features and business goals. 

Features Set 

It is important to prioritize features for the project MVP, define what will make an app unique, and outline its core functions. 

Specification and Prototype 

According to app developers India, this development stage includes considering the specific non-functional and functional requires of the doctor’s app and creating a prototype that includes wireframes of specific app screens. 

App Design 

The app design refers to the introduction stage of visually optimized plans for every UI element and forecasting the user experience. 

App Development 

Based on the demand for Android, native iOS, or cross platform app development, set of optional/mandatory features to apply, web app availability, and more, the on-demand app development company will form a team and decide on the tech stack. 

Testing and Launching 

Testing of the app is done by performing bug-fixing of needed. Now the app is ready for your users. Before presenting the final product to the users, introducing the demo is vital by following the guidelines offering access to the app stores. 


Custom apps for doctors with patient-centered focus definitely possess the potential to satisfy the medical experts needs at their best when properly combined with expertise and experience needed to create the solution to serve the doctors requirements can be offered. Choosing custom apps build by a company having related portfolio in the healthcare software development will address all probable problem, avoid any pitfalls, and release a failsafe app for doctors. 


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