How to Choose the Perfect City Car


If you live in an urban area, such as Birmingham, a reliable city car is essential to get around each day. City cars differ from other types, as they are typically more compact and easier to maneuver. You won’t need a large, fuel-burning Land Rover or vehicle suited for long trips when you’re only using it on short-haul stints around the city. City cars are built differently to optimize their performance for your specific needs. When you’re choosing your city car, here are some key features to look for.

Compact or Sub-Compact

The ideal city car will be compact in size. With so much traffic in the city, a smaller car will make it easier to maneuver around others on the road. Last-minute lane changes can be tricky in a traffic jam, and the larger your vehicle, the harder it will be. Since the car is primarily used for getting around the city, you likely won’t need much space in the trunk to hold more than a few items. A compact car is also helpful for squeezing into tight parking spaces, which is often a challenge in the city. Research the options available to you and then find a local dealer, such as Citroen dealers West Midlands, to test your new vehicle.

Outward Visibility

City driving requires a higher level of awareness and attention than highway commuting. With so many hazards – other cars, pedestrians, bikes, buses, signs, and more – you need to be switched on at all times. You must have a vehicle with as few blind spots as possible. Many design features can restrict your visibility, so you need to check the car before you purchase it. Look for removable rear headrests, large windows, a rearview camera, and skinny window framing.


Excellent handling and general responsiveness are essential in the perfect city car. You’ll need to make lots of quick and accurate decisions and need a car that responds instantly. If a pedestrian walks out in front of you, or a bike or vehicle cuts you off, the responsiveness of your brakes can prevent a devastating accident. On top of that, the steering should also be incredibly responsive, allowing you to swerve out of harm’s way when needed. Test the handling and responsiveness before you buy toensure that the car reacts instantly to your commands.


Though you may not be driving long distances, you’ll still be in your car a lot, and likely stuck in traffic jams. Comfort is essential when picking out your perfect city car. Go ahead and invest in special features like heated seats. Make sure the car has air conditioning and that the seats are fully adjustable. It should also come with a good set of shocks since city streets are often littered with potholes. Shocks will absorb the impact of any imperfections on the road and give you a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Keep these factors in mind when you’re buying your city car, but also make sure it suits your style and personality. There are many quality options out there that both look great and provide the functionality that you need in a city car.

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