How to Buy the Right Air Conditioner According to Room Size


The Indian summer season is almost here. It is a troubling time for people in most Indian cities as the temperature touches 40 degrees and more. It is also the time when the intensity of humidity goes up. 

The combo of the sun beating down heavily, along with humidity, makes for an awful time if you don’t have an air conditioner. During high temperature and humidity in an area, an air cooler also fails to negate the effects of heat. 

Hence, it is where buying a suitable AC as per your room size becomes vital. Here is a quick AC buying guide to help you! Read on!

  • Consider the size of your room

Bigger is your room, the higher will be the AC capacity and vice versa. The most vital thing to consider is that the AC capacity of your room should be as per your room size. If you are living in a small room with 2-3 occupants, then you can find the 1 Ton AC suitable to cooling it considerably and without straining the device. For a medium to a large room, an AC size 1.5 Ton will do the justice to keep it cool. If you don’t do that, then not only it will strain the AC, but even higher electricity consumption and led to the larger light bill. 

  • Check if sunlight may affect AC’s cooling capacity 

If the room that you wish to install an AC has a window or a door leading to the balcony in the North direction, then it is sure to get more light and heat. If that’s the scenario, then it may hamper the cooling capacity of your AC. Hence, this quick AC purchase guide says to buy an AC with increased capacity to do its job. 

  • You will need to install a higher capacity AC if you live on the top floor

Another key factor that you should not rule out while buying an air conditioner this summer season is the floor on which you reside on. If your flat or home is on the top level with direct sunlight pouring in, then you may need to have a higher capacity AC. If you don’t, then you will anyway end up paying huge in the form of electricity bills and also even strain the device. Therefore, always ensure to be prudent enough to buy the right sized AC this summer. 

  • The type of AC that you are looking to purchase

There are mostly two variants of ACs – split AC and window AC. Window ACs are at least Rs.2,000-5,000 more affordable than a split one as it has both units in one. On the other hand, split ACs come with an indoor unit and outdoor unit, installed separately. You need proper ventilation space for allowing efficient cooling. However, the price of a split AC may be a bit more on your wallet.

Windows AC are a bit noisy, and it may disturb your sleep; whereas a split AC doesn’t have any such issue. Nowadays, there is also a portable AC type available that is good for rooms where you can’t install either a window or a split AC. What’s more, it also has castor wheels and provides you with portability so that you can move it from one room to another to enjoy cooling. 

You can now consider the points as discussed in this AC purchase guide and ensure to buy an AC as per your room size and other factors. 

If you don’t want to hurt your expenses, then you can also buy an AC on EMI and pay in easy installments over a tenor.

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