How to Buy Bulk Airline Tickets for Large Group?


Using a consolidator is best if you’re looking for bulk international tickets. Consolidators don’t necessarily get much better rates on domestic flights because of competition from travel agents and discount airlines, but they usually still get great deals on international flights.

1. Nailing Down Your Travel Requirements

  • Determine your destinations.
  • Determine how many people are going
  • Work out your travel time frame
  • Collect traveler information before you book.

2. Booking Through a Flight Consolidator

  • Find a consolidator
  • Check their reputation
  • Check restrictions on bookings
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Use a major credit card to book
  • Confirm your reservation with the airline
  • Get a record locator number from the consolidator.

3. Booking Through an Airline

  • Purchase a commuter book
  • Look for flat rate tickets
  • Call the airline group reservation desk directly
  • Reserve your flight at the right time

4. Booking Through a Travel Agent

  • Check their credentials
  • Meet your travel agent in person
  • Ask questions
  • Create a schedule



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