How to Become a Caregiver for Medical Marijuana Patients


Oklahoma is one of the states that form the U.S.’s central regions, having the State of Texas at its southern and western edges. As of 2018, Oklahoma has a population of 3.943 million, with 3.5 percent of the population being registered under the SQ 788 legislation as being patients requiring medical marijuana treatment.

A patient that applies for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card may or may not assign a caregiver for assistance, especially if that patient is above 21 years of age. However, minors that have acquired medical marijuana licenses must have a caregiver at all times since minors are not allowed to possess or purchase medical marijuana on their own.

Who is a Caregiver?

You may encounter literature about caregivers when you read the information about how to apply for medical marijuana cards. A caregiver is a person who agrees to assist a patient in the purchase and usage of medical marijuana. In short, a caregiver is somebody that a patient trusts to assist him or her in purchasing and medicating medical marijuana.

Who is qualified to be a Caregiver?

Any person who is a valid and registered resident of that particular state can apply to be a caregiver. The requirements to be a caregiver are as follows:

  • Must be 21 years old and above.
  • Must have a valid ID showing that he or she is a resident of the state of Oklahoma.
  • Must not have been convicted of any crime.
  • Must not be the physician of the patient.

In some situations, the caregiver may also be a patient that needs medical marijuana. For cases like this, the caregiver can use his or her medical marijuana card to legally purchase for both the patient and for his or her usage.

How Much to Register as a Caregiver

Getting a caregiver license is free in the State of Oklahoma. This free registration makes it easier for individuals to become a caregiver in Oklahoma. A person who has a family member that has a medical marijuana card can register to become that family member’s caregiver. The state compensates caregivers.

Are Caregivers Needed?

Most patients that require an Oklahoma medical marijuana card have underlying medical conditions that make it difficult for them to do things normally. Patients that are limited to their movements because of their medical conditions are encouraged to have their designated caregivers.

How Many Patients Can A Caregiver Handle?

A registered caregiver can only serve one patient at a time and must not ask for any compensation from their patients. However, caregivers that are employed by medical institutions may serve more than one patient.

What are the Primary Functions of a Caregiver?

The primary function of a caregiver is to help the patient acquire medical marijuana and help with the medication process. However, since different states have different restrictions on what medical marijuana cardholders are allowed to do, a caregiver can perform the following tasks:

  • Transport or accompany the patient to and from the dispensary.
  • Purchase medical marijuana products for the patient, even with the presence of the patient.
  • Prepare the marijuana dosage and formulation for consumption.
  • For states that allow the cultivation and growth of marijuana plants, caregivers can grow marijuana plants that can supply the patient’s requirements for up to two months. The maximum legal grow limit for Oklahoma is 12 plants, which include six mature plants and six seedlings.

The above information may give you an overview of what it is to be a caregiver so that you can decide if you also want to become one.

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