How to Avoid Colds this Winter Season


Waking up to the frost-covered ground on a cold winter morning is a wonderful sight to behold but it is also a cause for concern; cold season has arrived. It’s time to start wrapping yourself up in a scarf, hat, and gloves and remember to put tissues on the shopping list because you have almost run out. When was the last time you made it through winter without getting a cold?

Colds are in full swing at the office, they latch onto us on public transport and they follow the kids home from school. Unless you have the immune system of a superhero, it is more than likely that the cold will catch up with you this winter season.

But why is it that as soon as the temperature drops, colds creep in?

Surprisingly it doesn’t really have anything to do with how cold it is outside; it is a common misconception that being cold causes colds. Colds are a virus that spread like any other illness, but did you know that being outside in the colder winter months could help to prevent you catching a cold? The cold virus spreads so much easier when people are in close proximity to one another, for example, offices or schools; if one child at school has a cold the whole class seems to get it too. So, getting some fresh air this winter could actually stop the spread. Instead of staying cooped up all weekend, wrap yourself up warm and get out and about. The fresh air along with a little activity will help to boost your immune system and keep the cold at bay.

Keeping that immune system firing on all cylinders is a vital way to stave off the cold virus. Due to lack of sunlight, dwindling exercise routines and feasting on festive foods, your body sees a lot less of the important vitamins and minerals that it needs to keep functioning fully. Vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc are three of the most important vitamins that you need to keep you happy and healthy.

Both zinc and vitamin C naturally occurs in a balanced diet, but with the pressing need to stuff yourself with sweets during winter, diets tend to become a little unbalanced. Try to keep in mind that these vitamins are the front-line warriors of keeping your body going during winter, and without them, you might fall foul to another nasty cold.

Vitamin D is a little harder to come by during winter as our main source of it comes from the sun. Often during the depths of winter, you might find yourself going for days on end without seeing a speck of sunshine, luckily we can supplement our sunshine. You can find vitamin D supplements at online pharmacies such as, who can deliver your vitamin D right to your door.

Along with getting outdoors and upping your vitamin intake, the simplest and most effective way to avoid colds is personal hygiene. Cover your mouth when you cough, throw away that manky tissue in your pocket and wash your hands thoroughly after every sneeze.

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