How Store Owners Use Customized Acrylic Signs to Make Shoppers Feel Comfortable


In-store customer experiences matter a lot more now in the post-COVID19 world. During the pandemic, many retail shoppers switched to digital platforms because of the lockdowns. To ensure these customers don’t return back to their digital shopping habits, store owners must create better in-store experiences.

Thankfully for store owners, the modern-day consumer is over-inundated with digital marketing campaigns. They don’t care about digital ads or promotions anymore. According to business experts, retail store owners have one clear advantage over digital sellers – the ability to catch customer attention.

The way store owners “welcome” their target customers will be critical for building engagement. Thankfully, there are easy tools to make the initial “welcome” of customers in stores as friendly as possible. Traditional marketing tools like signs or banners with custom-printed messages can do wonders for store owners.

How Can Acrylic Banners and Signs Help Create Better In-Store Experiences?

Custom-printed acrylic signs are cost-effective marketing tools. Store owners can use these signs to decorate their entryways. They can even print health and safety-related information on these signs. Currently, the key to providing high-quality in-store experiences is guaranteeing shopper safety.

Most shoppers don’t feel safe entering retail spaces that don’t have safety signs. That’s why coronavirus safety signs are vital tools for store owners who want to attract large groups of customers. Store owners can custom-print any safety-related information on these signs and place them across their stores.

Here are some safety sign examples that smart store owners are currently using in their stores. These signs show customers that the store owners care about their customers’ safety –

Wear a Face Mask Sign

Despite what you may hear from “anti-maskers” on the Internet, wearing face masks is a legitimate coronavirus safety tactic. Masks help create safer retail environments. A store full of masked shoppers is infinitely safer than a store full of people not wearing any protection. Store owners must use custom signs to inform shoppers and target shoppers about their strict face-covering policies.

Hallway Signs to Establish Social Distancing

Many shoppers accidentally end up getting too close to each other because of direction-related issues. They come together in tight hallways or exit routes because they don’t know how to traverse the store. Store owners can easily eliminate such problems by putting up large acrylic banners and signs that clarify in-store locations.

Place these safety signs in hallways, entry points, near bathrooms, etc., to ensure shoppers maintain social distancing at all times.

Hand Washing Signs

Another verified way of lowering the risk of COVID19 transmission is handwashing. Store owners who install signs that ask customers to wash their hands’ benefit in various ways –

  • Handwashing signs give target shoppers the impression that the store is super-clean and safe.
  • Handwashing signs inform customers to use the store’s bathroom to wash their hands before touching any products.
  • These signs also help employees remember the basic hygiene procedures they need to follow while working.

Will custom signs guarantee that your store will be free from COVID19 risks? No, but they’ll definitely demonstrate the level of care you have for shoppers.

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