How Gifts Build Relations


Gifts and Smiles are two things that are always welcomed wholeheartedly by anyone and everyone. A gift can be anything one can think of. It can be something cheap, affordable and healthy like a Fruit Basket, or something as expensive as Jades and Rubies. Whatever it is, gifts always tend to bring a smile on the people exchanging them. Gifts create a feeling of love and regard for each other. They symbolize nothing but love and affection. Gifts never let the memories of loved ones fade away.

However, one needs to differentiate between the type of gifts that should be given according to the occasion or the person being dealt with. In today’s world of a growing level of professionalism, gifts are not only exchanged between our loved ones. There is an exchange of gifts amongst professional relations as well. And the gifts which are exchanged in the professional relations need to be selected in such a way that the person receiving it should not take it to be a casual sort of gesture.

In professional meetings, one needs to understand the designation and the position which the other person is holding, and then plan and gift something accordingly.

Some common gifts which are suitable for most of the situations are bouquets, fruit baskets, photo frames, sceneries, etc. These sorts of gifts are affordable and also help to maintain a balance between the level of professionalism and casual repo between the two persons or parties exchanging them.

Also, one has to keep in mind the occasion on which things are being presented as gifts. Different situations and occasions are very important to keep in mind before selecting a gift. Gifting scenery to a kid on his 6th birthday celebration would not make him as happy as a toy would do. Similarly, you cannot gift your corporate boss a T-Shirt on the opening of his new office. So one needs to understand the type of occasion and then plan accordingly.

Taking again, the example of a fruit basket delivery, a fruit basket is also suitable for some conditions, whereas, for some conditions, it is not. For Example, consider the following conditions:

  • Going to meet a relative or a fast friend at his or her place.
  • Going to a relative or friend’s marriage function.
  • Going to a cultural celebration being organized at your workplace.

So these are some examples of occasions or events at which a fruit basket becomes a good choice.

Gifts are always meant to give happiness and build new relations or strengthen the old ones. One should understand the designation and the position that the other person holds, in case of a professional gesture. In the case of a casual or friendly gesture, one only needs to understand the person’s interests and should try to gift things that would probably make them happy and build relationships even stronger. Just remember, if the gift builds your relationship stronger, you’ve selected the right one. So what are you waiting for? Order these and make your relations more stronger.

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