How Extensively Does Google Use Python?


Python and Google; you cannot ignore the first and you can hardly survive without the second. Both of them have been quite interdependent for good many years. While Python runs on a number of Google’s APIs, Google has been a regular sponsor for several Python events over the years. A considerable number of Python developers are Googlers. 

They have a synergy that has brought nothing short of a revolution in the tech industry. Now, you are reading this probably because you were looking for some content that involved both Google and Python and Google itself has directed you here with the help of the algorithms that often run on Python. 

So, let us look at some key areas where Python is indispensable

Google’s app engine is an application written in Python. It allows the development of web applications with the help of Python.

YouTube depends almost entirely on Python. It uses Python for viewing videos, controlling, administering and getting access to data.

Google data Python client library, Google APIs client library for Python, Google adwords, all of these use Python for the basic framework and advanced services.

What makes Python the best choice?

The first word that comes to the mind in reply is flexibility. Python has been lauded for its flexibility by developers around the globe. It is this all encompassing multipurpose language that can build a game as well as direct a missile. It is easy to learn in the beginning and becomes more interesting as you delve into the advanced stages. 

But what matters the most for any large corporation that uses Python is its efficiency in quantitative tasks. Python has proved its worth in the field of data science and machine learning. The deep learning professionals find themselves stuck without this tool. Python has pretty much claimed the industry for itself. And you as an aspiring data analyst or a future data scientist must not ignore it. 

Learn Python from the best

As you can see, Python is as important a tool as any in the industry today. It will stay in the game for the foreseeable future. So, do not hesitate to invest in learning Python. Online resources are available aplenty, which is not a surprise Python being an open source language. But a Python certification course can help you with the initial push after which you can scour the waters on your own.

Bangalore and Delhi are two best places in India to learn Python. Learning under the supervision of experts can help you gain the confidence you need to solve problems in real time. Enrol for a course and take the first step towards the great future that awaits you. 

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