How does ROP course helpful in career counseling? 


The Regional Occupational Program basically is the job readiness course which is available at free of cost that helps to prepare the students for the job in petrochemical and other related industries. Here, students will learn about basic processes as well as equipment that is common to industry and have right opportunity to make the complete connections with the local employers. However, these courses even help to develop the strong communication with the teamwork skills, and also job safety is also emphasized throughout.

Curriculum includes:

Field Safety and Shop
Plant Equipment and Plant Processes

Teamwork and Communication
Power Tools and Hand tools
Basic Pipefitting and Welding

Industry Science and related Math

Students should meet below mentioned criteria:
Minimum 18 years old
Possess GED and school diploma

Pass the basic math assessment and reading comprehension
Have the valid driver license

ROP Guide To Crime-Scene class offers the hands-on experience of skills as well as knowledge needed of the investigator of forensic crime scene working in the law enforcement. Included in class are the photographs of crime scene as well as diagrams, thereby collecting the physical evidence, lifting and dusting the fingerprints, processing of the evidence, and also use of the technology of forensic light source. Emphasized all through the entire course is significance of the effective communication as well as interpersonal skills, strong skills of academic,
Complete problem-solving, professional development, safety along with the technology.

The Regional Occupational Program or ROP also offers with an extensive and great variety of various set of career classes for the students of high school as well as the adults in Entire County. These are the classes that are also intended for the person who are also seeking for your new career, with the career focus as well as also upgrading of the recent skills. On the other hand the ROP provides the complete courses in various Pathways.

How you can enroll in this course?

The student enrolls in the articulated course through which he can completes and also files the “2+2 Request for the purpose of Participating” form. These forms are also available through the

The agreement of the articulation for this course might even require the fact that the students will meet the standards beyond just simply complete or even pass the class for receiving the college credit.

Once this course is completed as well as meeting of the entire requirements of the articulation, the student will also get awarded with the completion certificate of the 2+2 Articulation as well.
At the same time, the student should also apply for the admission in just two years of the competition of high school or also specific time designated in agreements to get the credit or even the advance placement. Hence, for a great career scope you may also prefer to go to choose taking an admission to the ROP courses that will certainly be an addition in your career.

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