How Can Sleep Regression be Dealt With Technologies?


Today, I met some of the age groups and had a great talk on sleeping patterns and their difficulties. Being a sleep expert, it’s really very interesting to study sleep patterns and regressions.


Sleep regression is the condition where all of a sudden a person woke up at night or early morning and faced problems sleeping back again. Not only do the babies of 3/4  months face these problems but there are age groups called teenagers & senior citizens who face sleep regressions.


The sleep of the person depends upon the melatonin hormone and hormonal changes naturally occurring in the person’s body. There are some activities that sometimes lead to the increase or decrease of some particular hormones. This means there are some activities too; that can increase or decrease the level of melatonin’ and that will impact the sleep pattern.


Readers must have questions about melatonin, what is it? And how does it impact? So, let me address those questions.


What is Melatonin?


Melatonin is the natural hormone that triggers the mind to sleep better, the hormone will make our mind respond in darkness, it works with the timing of our circadian rhythms.

It produces naturally in the body, although sometimes synthetically while having the dietary supply.  The dietary supplements are made up of animals or microorganisms.


What are the key benefits of taking melatonin?


  • It can promote better sleep:


Promotion of better sleep is the first and foremost benefit of taking melatonin supplements. In today’s world, everyone can have sleeping disorders, formulating with the advancements of technology. The mind can not recharge without having sleep of 7-8 hours.


  • It can promote the eye-health:


Melatonin is rich in antioxidants, and antioxidants help in preventing cell damage and it will increase the level of oxygen that reaches your eyes and helps for keeping the eye healthy.



  • It will help in regulate age-related macular degeneration:


Macular degeneration can cause blurry vision in the centre of the retina because the leaky blood vessels are developed under the centre of retina that seems to be problematic in vision.


  • Autism:


There are many studies that tell that the person with autism can not produce enough melatonin, hence faces problems in sleep regressions. Also, it believes that sleep will matter in the daytime, so the dosage of the compound still needs to be evaluated once.


  • Jet lag:


Jet lag is the condition where a person feels sleep regressions while travelling or moving in places that have different time zones. It will result in disturbed sleep patterns, fatigueness in the daytime, nausea and discomforts.


Melatonin has side effects also if someone takes it high dosage and it causes stomach aches, headaches, dizziness in sleep time and sometimes numbness.


Does melatonin help in curing insomnia?


Yes of course, it will help us in curing insomnia, it can be given as the primary care to the patients having chronic insomnia. If a person faces trouble in falling asleep or remaining asleep for hours or both, for more than 30 days then it is termed chronic insomnia. Well in treating insomnia, melatonin use can be taken as the primary consideration.


Why is night sleep important?


A good night’s sleep for 7/8 hours is especially important because at night the repair of the blood vessels of the brain and heart occurs. Poor sleep patterns deal with weight gain and fatigueness.


  • Good sleep can increase the productivity and concentration of the mind to perform various tasks.


  • It will repair your brain’s blood vessels and heart blood vessels, if the repair is not done properly due to lack of sleep, then in the long term, it will lead to diabetes, kidney disorder, metabolism disorder.


  • It will increase the athlete’s performance. If you are a sportsperson or an athlete you should take night sleep properly.


  • Those who are not good sleepers at night have a risk of heart stroke.


  • Poor sleep will cause inflammation and will link to the cause of depression.



Top 5 effective technological ways that help in sleep regression:


Technology will help today’s world in every ongoing problem. With the help of applications and the telehealth approach, it is possible to be accompanied by a doctor/guide every now and then.


Where there some solutions, which researchers have proved to be effective:


  • Blocking the blue light:


Researchers have proved that the emissions from the laptops and mobile phones emitted the radiations, seems to be in brighter that sends the message to the brain to stay alert, but right now the condition is many phones has the inbuilt settings that turn the phone into night mode, that turn the colour to be warm so the radiations can not affect the sleep pattern.


  • White-noise stimulates the sleep pattern:


People run fans during the winter and monsoon period as well to avoid the extra noise and can sleep easily. Several phones and tablets have the application or like amazon echo, one can play white noise that will relax the mind and help in good sleep.


There are applications that can play the white noise in the form of reigning sound falling on the porch, other slow nature voices.


  • In tracking the sleep schedules:


Sleeping trackers are there in the windows and iPhone phones, which sets your schedule, sleep time and wake-up time according to your routine activity.

You can set a different routine on weekends so the drowsiness of the whole working week can be cured.


  • By maintaining the sleep logs:


The activity of the Fitbit charge can track the sleep pattern and will give an insight into better sleeping patterns. and change the effect of a sound alarm as a vibrating alarm.


  • Maintaining the light appearances:


Technology brings fully automated bedtime lights which help in slowing down the mental activity and helps in falling asleep. It will make a person fall asleep faster than the daily usual time of person’s fall asleep.


  • Wearables:


Wearables help in monitoring the sleep patterns, it also tracks and helps in maintaining the sleep by providing sleep logs, that saves the user details and acknowledges him/her the changes in the routine if it’s needed.




As we discussed all aspects of technology and medicines, there are good implications of using technology. It will help in good sleep and in disturbing the sleep also. The evolution of sleeping patterns and research study has been started from the year 2018 Because it has become a serious problem in healthcare. These are the solutions which are helping to solve sleeping regression and disorders. Yet there are many researchers and providers who are still working to help the people facing sleeping regression. Top entrepreneurs come up with white-label telemedicine solution, to engage more in the research of sleeping disorders.


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