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How A 360-Degree Customer View Increase Business Insights?

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A great product in today’s world is no longer enough. In order to compete, you must provide excellent customer service. To get a completely comprehensive picture of a client, it is critical to be able to access all customer service-related interactions such as inquiries, requests, and complaints among other things.

It is possible to predict your consumers’ day-to-day interactions and responses to your brand by observing their activity on social media. Monitor social media platforms to see whether your consumers are mentioning you in positive or negative light online. Do they follow your branded social media accounts? Are they responding to your content in a meaningful way? They make remarks or ask inquiries, do they not? Check out how to utilize 360 customer view and increase your business insights.

Strategies to help your company develop utilizing 360 customer view

1) Improved understanding of customers

Customer management strategies that are more effective are driven by having a 360-degree perspective of your customers.

Customer connections, on the other hand, are about more than simply sales. Providing excellent customer service is an important element of the customer journey. In an environment where customer information is kept in silos and systems are unconnected, it becomes more difficult to provide really excellent customer service.

The finest customer relationship management software guarantees that you keep track of all interactions a client has with your business. If you make sure that all client communication, all past transactions, and all customer care inquiries are kept in a single location, you will always have a complete picture of the consumer.

When a service request is received, your service representative may check to see if there are any outstanding activities, such as an important sales pitch or an overdue payment that may interfere with the repair request. Because all of the interaction histories is in one place, the agent will be able to give each client a more relevant and customized answer because the context of the inquiry will be provided.

Furthermore, by ensuring that every employee in your company receives their information from the same source, your customer communication will be consistent across various channels and departments, which will benefit your business. This will result in a more positive client experience, which will in turn help to increase customer loyalty while decreasing customer turnover.

2) Cross-departmental campaigns and Collaboration that is more effective

The 360 customer view perspective also has the additional advantage of facilitating greater cross-departmental cooperation, particularly across sales, marketing, and service.

Suppose an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity presents itself via a service ticket. The service agent will be able to quickly identify who the account manager is and inform them of the opportunity.

Alternatively, a sales representative may be on his or her way to a major pitching meeting with a client. Knowing that the same client has recently raised some concerns with customer support will allow them to come more prepared when they meet with them.

On a more strategic level, sales and marketing teams may develop more strategic campaigns being data-driven and basing their choices on current data. For example, collaborating to retarget cold or dead leads is an option.

3) Predictive analysis that is superior

A 360-degree customer perspective will not only allow you to see what your customers have done in the past, but it will also allow you to predict where they are likely to go in the future as well.

When you have a complete picture of the customer’s situation including all of their accounts, transactions, service calls, priorities, and preferences as displayed on social media platforms, you will be able to better predict where they are going and what they will most likely require in the future.

When it comes to planning a change to a product feature or timeframe, your 360-degree perspective may also be useful in predicting consumer behavior when you do make the change. You can anticipate their future behavior based on how they have reacted to similar changes in the past.

The ability to foresee and prepare will enable you to adjust your approach as needed to avoid any bad consequences while maximizing the good effects.

4) Make it your own and profit from it

If a bank is aware that a client has new dependents who are most likely to attend university in the future, the bank may send the customer customized savings account offers in response to the information. Alternatively, in the same way, the bank may offer more customized retirement plans to the same client at a later point in their relationship.

Businesses that have a comprehensive understanding of their consumers are at a competitive advantage. If you have a comprehensive understanding of your client and have access to a comprehensive history of their purchasing behaviors and preferences, you will be better equipped to offer appropriate product suggestions.


It is critical for company development to acquire new customers, but, retaining the consumers you already have and having them return for more is just as essential for long-term, sustainable success.

Customer connections are built on timely and appropriate communication, which is at the core of your business. An efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system can assist you in gaining and maintaining a 360 customer view of your consumers and their interactions with your goods and business.

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