Hiring People and Use of Psychometric Evaluation Tests


Hiring people for their firm is a major task for the HR department. They often use the services of the software developers to help them hire the right people. The software developers will arrange for the testing of the candidates in some specific section.

Judging the talent

To see if they have the right skill, the firm will ask the candidates to appear in some online psychometric assessment. This will be aimed at assessing the talent and the capabilities of the person. The first field of testing will involve the Aptitude. Aptitude Tests will check the person for work-related cognitive ability. The questions are arranged in a manner that there is only one answer to them. Most of the people who appear in the Aptitude Tests will get all the answers right. The only difference between the individual candidates will be the speed with which they answer the questions.

These tests will measure your fluid and crystallisedintelligence. This is based on the theory that the intelligence of the person exists in a combined state of ready accessibility and sourced preparedness. The person may be more oriented to solving deeper problems while others may have ‘street-smarts’ meaning they will have a ready solution for everything. Obviously, the firm needs both kinds of people.

Second type of intelligence

The crystallised intelligence is that part that learns from past experiences, reading material, and gaining insight from other people. This will show the employer how adept you are at applying your intellect to the present situation. This type of testing is needed for selecting people in the managerial cadre.

The various sections of the Aptitude Test will be like this. You have the Abstract Reasoning, which is also known as conceptual reasoning. In this, they use shapes rather than words or number to test the skill of the person. This helps measure the fluid intelligence of the person.

Verbal reasoning tests

Next in line of the psychometric tests for recruitment is the Verbal reasoning test. Your analytic and reasoning skills in the verbal section is brought out by this. Here the person is made to choose when faced with a critical situation. This includes identifying areas that need attention by referring to graphs and charts.

Following this, we have the Numerical Reasoning tests where the adeptness of the person in mathematics and algebraical problems will be tested. The person should show fluency in tackling numbers and finding solutions in quick time. They should show fluency in using graphs for analysis. This will help you identify critical issues and get the solutions.

Spatial reasoning is inherent in some people while others do not have it. To find the people who can use the spatial reasoning ability properly they conduct the spatial reasoning tests. This is aimed at finding the best solution for organising events, arranging things in a warehouse, or putting the best configuration for the given number of objects. The candidate must show how to identify hazardous situations and find an answer to it.

There are some firms that need the person to be mechanically oriented. They should know how machines operate. They will be tested for mechanical reasoning.

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