Here’s why you should opt for a free design software!


Graphic designing has been the hype lately. It can create breathtaking portraits, landscapes, ads, and videos to help individuals earn a living. The concept behind graphic designing is digitizing art. Art can be in any shape and form and can vary according to the artist’s personality. So whether it’s a BasicInvite or a human being illustration, it can be super fun and easy to make and observe. Artists worldwide are trying their hand on many applications launched for this purpose.

Nonetheless, since the trend has taken the world by storm, it’s no secret that many alternative applications are launched for the same purpose. In the past, heavy duty PCs with great graphics were required to imagine designing. Nowadays, the same software can be found in smartphones. The apps are launched for both android and OS that helps their users have a comfortable and user-friendly app right from their phones.

Why opt for these apps?

Despite the fact, these apps are super easy to install and use, many people are still against them. Some call using pre-made templates for designing art in minutes unethical and wrong. Since it would be compared to someone who has spent hours on their piece. Additionally, boomers can’t get the hang of it too.

That is why today we have compiled a list of reasons why you should use them. And how these are better alternatives for heavier or more complex designing systems.


This is a no-brainer, but most of the apps available on your smartphone for designing are free. Some may have premium plans or accounts you could upgrade to, but they are all free to use initially. This is a huge advantage for those that can’t afford expensive softwares, PCs, and lifetime subscriptions.

Additionally, the free aspect does not compromise on quality even a tad bit. They are super easy to use, and there are tons of options available that will help you forget expensive versions of the same thing.

Smartphone friendly

Do you know a great computer can cost up to thousands of dollars? This, for designers, is a massive investment. For fresh graduates or youth who have a brain filled with ideas and need a platform to take it out, it’s out of the question.

For them, an easier alternative is investing in smartphones. Smartphones, although costly, are still cheaper than the expensive workstations, laptops, and PCs one has to invest in for expensive softwares. The phones are great to kickstart your career. Chances are, most people already have smartphones and free apps they can use right off the bat with zero investment and start creating and publishing their work.


Pre-made options/templates

One of the hardest things to do is to start designing from scratch. Like writer’s block, even artists face a tough time coming up with something new and creative. Unfortunately, many clients are just looking for the same old designs found everywhere. This can be hard since the artist has to recreate a look of someone else’s work. They may get fined and penalized for the work of the other artist who has copyrighted it. They also will feel very guilty since it’s someone else’s work.


The ideal solution is to make a common or popular design in editable versions. These versions are posted for free editing for everyone on that particular app to use. This saves the artist from all of the above and speeds up the whole process. The editable templates already contain everything the client wants, and all you have to do is edit out the necessities.



Online access

Software that is used by PCs is most probably not connected to the internet. What it does is that it saves all the work you put into it on your device. In case of any mishaps, such as device theft or when a device breaks down, there are very few ways your data can be retrieved. This is a huge risk if you work on short deadlines and only use one PC for all your work.


On the contrary, all the apps from play store or app store can only work if the smartphone is connected to the internet. The internet automatically saves all the work you create in the app and uploads it to the cloud. So in the case of any device failure, all you have to do is log on to your account from any other site and continue your work from there. This is a hassle-free experience and a feature that can save you many delayed deadlines.


Easy to install and use

Old software used for designing takes a lot of space on your PC’s storage. These are applications that can be many gigabytes and thus place a huge workload on your PC. If your PC does not have adequate storage or sufficient ram to process all these applications, this would be very hard to use. There will be plenty of lags and slow working every time. Not to mention the amount of data and time it would require for you to download and set these up would be another story altogether.


On the other hand, smartphone software is being made even lighter. Even the best ones are less than a GB in total. But these software don’t compromise in use or management tools, and can be used effortlessly. Everything is straightforward for these apps. The download and installation time is close to none, and you will surely see how efficient it is.

Wrapping it up

There are many types of designing software out there, from free ones to those that cost hundreds of dollars a month. Nonetheless, it’s always better to use something cheaper, user-friendly with many options.

Many options such as Canva, PicsArt, and other graphic designing tools are super popular in the market nowadays because of their immense features. So, if you’re looking for a quick way to design cards, invites or an ad, check out the free apps nowz

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