Here’s how to make stroller rides as comfortable for your baby as possible


If you look up stroller guides, you’ll find tons and tons of tips on how to make a stroller ride comfortable for you, the parent. You’ll find tricks that make pushing the stroller easier or some that teach you the way to make the most out of a stroller etc. But, what about the baby? Their comfort matters too. In fact, some would argue, more than the parent. So, here are tips for making a stroller ride comfortable for the cute passenger.

Invest in a stroller with quality seats:

The seat is arguably the most important part of the stroller. You might be able to save a few bucks by purchasing an average stroller, but the seats on those are not great. What you should be investing in is a stroller with seats that match the quality of the Wonderfold stroller wagon. The seat not only needs to be comfortable and soft, but it also needs to support the baby in all of the important spots. Looking up online customer reviews is a great way to judge the quality of a stroller’s seat before making the final purchasing decision.

Keep the kid cool with a battery-powered fan:

Going out on a hot day might be fun for you, but the sensitive baby might not like it that much. Luckily, a battery-powered fan is a perfect solution to this problem. You can find fans that are specifically designed for strollers and integrate perfectly. Additionally, you can take your kid to the electronics store and let them choose their favorite color of the fan. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the fan is out of the baby’s reach when strapped in.

A weather shield will go a long way:

Stroller weather shields are not something that many people are aware of, but they are super useful. These shields are clear plastic covers that fit perfectly on top of most strollers. They protect the baby and everything in the stroller from moisture as well as wind and dust. They are easily foldable, and so you can keep them on the stroller for urgent use.

Install a snacks tray:

Giving the baby something to consume is a fantastic idea, but not a very practical one. Things are going to get spilled on the road, whether intentionally or unintentionally. You’d have to constantly pick up the mess made by your child, and they will lose their precious snack. A snack tray solves all of these issues, and they aren’t even expensive. They are easy to install and make snacking easier for your baby while reducing cleanup duty for you.

A head strap is a must for sleepy time:

Babies tend to fall asleep in their strollers. This leaves their heavy heads fully supported and can cause some serious damage. In order to avoid such a fate and make sleeping easier for the baby, install a head strap. You can find cute ones online or create your own with some soft fabric and elastics.


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