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Healthcare Fraud Detection Market Trends Research Report – Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2027

Healthcare Fraud Detection Market: Introduction

Health care fraud is defined as criminal deception intended to result in financial gain during drug manufacturing, quality of the product, medical practice, and health insurance. Health care fraud practice involves healthcare plans of the government, defrauding insurance company, company and consumer party etc. Currently, different data mining practices are adopted by leading life sciences companies to avoid these fraudulent activities. Data mining techniques involves examining databases to investigate new information for example health care insurance data, fraud techniques, health care information systems etc. According to U.S.-based Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, tens of billions of dollars are stolen each year by fraudulent means in the health care and pharma industries. In many of the cases, health care fraud is quite difficult to detect and may go unnoticed. Therefore, healthcare fraud detection products and services are expected to witness rapid growth in the next few years.

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Healthcare Fraud Detection Market: Drivers and Restraints

North America to Account for Major Share of Global Healthcare Fraud Detection Market

Key Players Operating in Global Healthcare Fraud Detection Market

The global healthcare fraud detection market is highly fragmented, with major manufacturers implementing various strategies to gain maximum market share.

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Leading players operating in the global healthcare fraud detection market are:

Global Healthcare Fraud Detection Market, by Model

Global Healthcare Fraud Detection Market, by type

Global Healthcare Fraud Detection Market, by Component

Global Healthcare Fraud Detection Market, by Region

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