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The enthusiasm of traveling may incite you to go to a number of places that may be taken as the best of the experiences of your life. India is a nation with a rich culture, consisting of people belonging to diverse cultures where each one has got its specific specialty. Approximately 3.2 million people board the Indian railways each day, and the majority of them are individuals who travel from the destinations they live in. Traveling via train has frequently been connected with certain common worries like food to be taken along and time of traveling.

E – Catering services

E- Catering can be said to be the online form of catering services, that may work by booking an order by way of an online platform like ringing up on the free toll number, from the internet, and sending SMS. The order is capable of being placed from any place and any time throughout India. IRCTC tends to have connected links with providers who offer food services and carry out orders on the way through various spots and therefore guarantee delivery of fresh food. As you book the order, the added information is required for example name of the train, its number, the allotted berth, and details of menu together with food timings like breakfast, lunch, and dinner may also be stated. Payment may be made either by cash at the time of the delivery of food, or it can be done online. In addition to it, a wide assortment of cuisines is found such as continental, Italian, Mughlai, Chinese, south Indian, north Indian. Placing order in advance vouches for the availability of the items of food coupled with appropriate time of delivery.

Indian railway IRCTC initiated e- catering services so that to deal with the increasing grievances concerning food in train. Passengers were facing a number of painful experiences with items of food at the time of traveling by train. To address all such grievances, Indian railway forged a partnership with several catering service providers so that to produce a better food delivery environ. E – Catering facilities by and by ensuring that the travelers traveling in well-known trains must get the train food they expect to have in train. It took shape as a pilot project and after that spread to all the trains running all through the different zones of the country.   

Advantages of E –catering services

E-catering services can be said to be a godsend for travelers who journey for a long time. People who cannot take food along may feel relieved of tension by these facilities. In actuality, the problem of stale food has totally ended because fresh food is provided throughout the day. Another advantage here is that you can have the food in line with your taste irrespective of destination the train is bound to. As a result, in case you travel to north India, you can have an opportunity for ordering south Indian cuisine which renders the e – catering services very versatile. Moreover, it puts an end to the anxiety of having nonavailability of food. Besides, all such facilities are offered at very economical prices which have increased its popularity tremendously.  

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