Guide to a Naturally Healthy Horse Care for Least Environmental Impact


Eco-farming is gaining traction by the day and more and more ranchers, farmers, and horse owners seem to be looking for sustainable and natural ways of taking care of their horses. The latest approach seems to be holistic horse care that is very much in demand in terms of maintaining a happy and healthy horse. Horses simply require healthy food sources, lots of exercises, clean drinking water, non-invasive, and natural treatment in case they are hurt or unwell. Simply by making a few tweaks here and there in your horse care program, you could dramatically boost their longevity and enhance their overall health and well-being.

Choose Natural Boarding

A really natural boarding environment would be letting your horse thrive emotionally, as well as, physically culminating in a much-improved overall health. It is of no consequence whether you are having just one pony or 25 such horses. You simply need to supply them with adequate space that would facilitate free movement. Horses that are kept in huge spacious habitats complain less about cribbing and colic and have much better circulation in comparison to those that are kept in stables and stalls with space restrictions. You may feel like breaking all conventions and letting the horses roam about freely outside but this is certainly no solution. You must provide proper shelter to your horse to safeguard it from adverse weather elements including rain, sun, wind, and snow.

Natural Treatments: Best for Proper Horse Care

Whether you are thinking of deworming your horse or giving him relief from pesky flies, you need to do some concrete relevant research and choose natural treatment methods for best outcomes. While conventional medicines must not be avoided altogether, it is crucial to appreciate that certain holistic alternatives could prove to be equally effective. You could use turmeric known for its healing properties, instead of a host of NSAIDs or the no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in case of those horses which are suffering from arthritis. In this context, you must know that many people love horse racing, as much as, they love horses. You could visit TVG for horse racing betting.

Celery Seed

Celery seed is supposed to be an effective digestive tonic for all those horses that look lethargic and suffer from lack of appetite.  In all those horses that are having rheumatism, arthritis, or even Navicular Syndrome, consumption of celery seed could boost blood circulation while reducing blood pressure too. These seeds have a warming effect that could be quite effective in cold or older horses.


Garlic is used quite often as a natural cure for various human illnesses and could prove to be hugely beneficial to the horses as well. If you include garlic systematically in his daily diet, it could boost his circulatory system and his heart because of its blood-purifying features. You know that garlic could be used wisely for treating respiratory issues and for keeping insects at bay.


Horses could achieve optimal health provided they are allowed to coexist in a mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically viable environment.

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