Growth of the Manufacturing Industry to Fuel the Smart Home Market


Digital has become the most preferred medium of communication today. While it facilitates communication between two individuals, it has also opened avenues for humans to communicate with gadgets. For instance, one could switch on his bathroom’s geyser while driving back home from work, and instantly step into the shower. These are called smart devices and fall under the global smart home market.

In the last few years, the global smart home market has caught pace, thanks to the surge in consumption of smartphones and internet. A Transparency Market Research Study analyzes the global smart home market and predicts that the market would grow at an astounding CAGR of 18.4% during the forecast period. The global smart home market was valued at US$36.27bn in 2017, analysts at TMR cite in the report.

Innovation forms the fulcrum for competition in the global smart home market as competitors strive hard to roll out products that would attract the attention of consumers. As the tech savvy population grows across the world, demands will also vary from one geography to another. This will push players in the global smart home market to develop variants that suit a wide variety of requirements.

When it comes to regions, the global smart home market is scattered across the world. Technologically advanced nations like the U.S. and Canda propel demand in North America. Therefore, this region is expected to reign the global smart home market. Further, players in the global smart home market will have a keen eye on Asia Pacific as demand for smart home devices is growing in countries like India, China, Malaysia, South Korea, and Japan.

Easy Access to Internet Spurs Demand

The primary requirement for the global smart home market is internet. Today, every corner of the world is connected with internet. Smart home devices are connected to the internet and have to be controlled by an external device, or can be by used by voice command. Today, most people possess a smartphone which is connected to internet, thus promoting possibilities of consumption in the global smart home market.

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