Growing Opportunities in Data Analytics


The Data Analytics market is all set to be worth 77.64 billion USD within 2023 with a CAGR of 30.8%, reports Market Research Future. Moreover, major economies are increasingly becoming dependent on digital technologies and this in turn has made data analytics indispensable today. 

Thanks to a number of technological developments that there is no end to what companies can achieve through data analytics and the future of digital economies rely heavily on the proper adaptation and implementation of data analytics.

Some astounding impacts of Data Analytics:

  • Data analytics has made it possible for the agricultural industries across the globe to boost production and fight environmental challenges at the same time. Smart data based solutions not only help the farms to save cost but also keep pace with increasing global food demand. The global agricultural analytics market stood at 585 million USD in 2018 and is expected to increase to 1.236 billion USD by 2023. 
  • Today we are able to create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. With cutting edge tools in data analytics companies are able to process only a fraction of this humongous amount of data. Even then businesses are able to extract enough insights to be able to develop smart bots and systems which are amazing in serving customers online, preventing frauds and spotting market trends. 
  • Data analytics has also found massive applications in the sports industry. Analyzing players’ performance, predicting winners and tracking winning factors are some of the gifts of data analytics to sports. Today selectors take help of analytics before selecting players, broadcasters use it to enrich the viewers’ experience and governing bodies use it for setting rules. For instance the DLS method used in cricket matches when matches are interrupted is a direct result of innovative data analytics.

Embrace data analytics for an exciting career!

If you are looking for a career full of excitement and glamour then data analytics is your best option. Go for online analytics training and you will discover a whole new world of possibilities.

Data analysts are a special breed of professionals who play significant roles in modern digital economies. As policy makers and business leaders are increasingly implementing data-driven strategies, data analysts form the basis of such strategies. 

For instance the Indian government aims at a trillion dollar economy by 2025 by using digital technologies and for that the demand for data analysts in India is soaring through the roof. Same is the case of Malaysia where the government itself is hiring data analysts to drive growth of the digital economy. The job of data analytics is a highly paid one and is in high demand at the moment and you can easily take advantage of it by going for a good online analytics training. 

A data analyst leads a professional life of great excitement because he/she has to play with cutting edge technologies and continuously look for creative innovations. He/she has to resort to smart and unorthodox ways for solving complex solutions while facing challenges daily! 

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