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Friday, December 1, 2023

Future of Artificial Intelligence – AI Scope and Career Opportunities

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Artificial intelligence; it all started in myths, stories, rumors of artificial beings being bestowed with intelligence. Research on machines came to existence under the confluence of ideas in the late 30s and 40s and the early 50s. In 1950, Alan Turing proposed a test he calls the “Turing Test.” Turing test was a test that was done to experiment the intelligence in a computer, it also tests the ability whether or not the machine has the ability to exhibit behavior equal to that of a human mind. These ideas generated from a number of great scientists coming from different fields who thought it was possible to build an electronic brain.

The term “artificial intelligence,” was coined in the year 1956 by John McCarthy. The core concept was to understand whether machines could actually think as predicted. There is not a factor for one to doubt the computer capability to process logic, however, it is still skeptic whether a machine will have the ability to think. This argument has been debated by many researchers, but it is still undermining people’s faith in relying on machines.

However, technology has its way of surprising us humans and no doubt it has outpaced reality. Even after a decade, there is no research that was able to even come close to passing the “Turing test.” Expert systems came into existence but it could never become as close to humans than the AI.

What AI has in store for you – Scope

Intelligence is often defined as the ability to learn, adapt and apply the knowledge and skills. The same goes with humans and animals, we perceive the environment, learn from it and act accordingly. It is an undeniable fact that artificial intelligence will give power to machines and make them work as humans do, diminishing human problems. Making machine work will cause less room for errors with a higher rate of productivity. Reason being, these machines are based on set algorithms that work according to the data that is stored.

Everything in this world is like a double edge weapon and AI is no exception. How do you feel about driverless cars? One way or another AI is already changing the way we are, how we’re utilizing AI almost every day. However, there is always a fear that the machines will supersede humans. Although there will be millions of jobs lost to AI, there will also be an equal rise in jobs. Several organizations are creating job roles for AI professionals, artificial intelligence engineer is one of the most common job roles seen. Expert professionals with working knowledge of data engineering, software engineering, and data science and highly sought after.

Many of the organization’s top software engineers can be best positioned as an artificial intelligence engineer since they are more likely to have a working knowledge of full stack development and experience with embedding machine learning algorithms.

AI career opportunities

Artificial intelligence is said to displace millions of jobs in the near future. Perhaps what concerns most of the people is whether AI will take away jobs leaving humans unemployed. AI is already creating an impact in the industry with plenty of job opportunities. A Gartner report predicts that by 2020, AI is expected to create nearly 2.3 million jobs. For professionals looking to penetrate the AI industry, it is a seller market. However, AI is an emerging technology in the IT industry and employers are quite skeptical about hiring candidates without AI skills. AI certification will help convince potential employers that you have the relevant skills and expertise in the technologies pertaining to the job.

AI is still a budding career, organizations are focusing on investing in professionals with AI skills. As this field continues to grow, it is going to have a drastic impact on the ongoing IT market.

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