Furniture: Everything Other Than the Basics


Whether you are thinking of setting up a new office room, or refurbishing an existing one, there is always chance that you might miss out on some of the little details and necessities that matter a great deal than you’d know. For obvious reasons, your first focus would likely be on desks, chairs and aircons. However, there are a couple of other requirements that are as important, but may not occur to you. Let us look at some of those, optional yet essential parts of your office setup that you might want to turn your attention to.

Office filing cabinets
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Racks and Shelves

What you’d mostly have and see in an office are papers, documents, and files. They could be everywhere, all at our desks, on the machines, and on the floor. That’s why you’d need to look for solutions to keep things more organized and pleasant. Office filing cabinets are useful when it comes to keeping files and docs in order. Most of them come in a standard structure, but sometimes, you’ll be able to find specially designed ones for an extra bit of convenience. In case you have space issues, or might not see it as an immediate requirement, you could put up a few temporary racks or shelves that’ll come in handy for the purpose.


Apart from those files and papers, you’re obviously going to have loads of other material that would need to be kept secure and safe. When it comes to valuables or cash, you might want to get a safe or a locker installed in your office room. It’s in fact the safest and most secure way of storing valuables. When it comes to other, random items, like letters, packages or stationary, you could have a set of drawers or a small cupboard that’ll fit in a corner or a place that’s easily accessible.


A proper waste bin is more than essential, but is something you wouldn’t take seriously. It is quite apparent that you would have hundreds of sheets of papers and plenty more disposable items that needs to be shredded and discarded daily. Choosing a waste paper bin that is of the ideal size, and preferably one that opens and shuts with a pedal, would be another must-do on your list.


Depending on the nature of your work, your requirement for equipment may range from a standard PC, a laptop to printers, scanners and photocopiers. But, there may be times when you’d need other types of equipment like projectors, whiteboards, and perhaps, even a coffee machine. It all depends on the type of work you do.
The next time you are working on arranging your office room, you might want to draw up a plan and start with making lists of all types of requirements with the most important ones at the top.Start with the basics or number one essentials, and move down to the ‘others’, which may not quite mean ‘unimportant’ or ‘optional’, but has to come somewhere down that list.

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