FSSAI rules for eateries and restaurants


There is nothing terrible as unsafe food or unhealthy food, but the way to cook food in an unhygienic manner could make the food unhealthy when consumed. Different diseases could infect a consumer who consumes unhealthy food. Some common infections are headache, vomiting, shivering, and dizziness. Every restaurant or stall has to follow some FSSAI rules to ensure the safety of its consumers, in addition to obtaining an FSSAI license in Delhi.


Employee Personal hygiene

Before reaching work, all the employees need to make sure that they clean their body, have a daily bath, trim their nails, beard, and hair. The administration needs to ensure that the employees involved in food preparation are hygienic and catch that they wear clean clothes. Injured employees had to come up with a proper bandage on all their wounds so that there were no chances of germs transmission. Some of them don’t that need to be remembered by the employees are:

  • Employees must not carry dirty clothes and have to avoid wearing accessories while handling cooking duties.
  • Employees need to avoid doing cooking duties if they are sick
  • Employees have to avoid scratching their skin or picking nose and pimples while in the kitchen
  • Employees must not have long nails, and nail paint should be removed


Facilities in the food premises or working space

  • The ceiling and walls in the working space or cooking area should be neat and clean, and the walls must be smooth, light-colored, non-absorbent and clean.
  • The walls must be painted neatly and adequately, and there should be no paint flaking from the walls. The windows in the rooms should be covered with wire mesh to avoid flies and mosquitoes and proper ventilation.
  • The doors should have sealed air filters or airing screens to prevent dust particles from entering the cooking areas.
  • The roof should be kept tidy with no open wiring or electric fittings hanging from it.
  • Proper hand sanitizing areas must be provided with covered food remain bins in the food preparation areas to avoid food infection.


Food serving areas in the restaurants

Many international restaurants have a food import license, and local hotels or café have to run as per the FSSAI rules and regulations. Food needs to be served with the appropriate touching technique and food types of equipment and not with bare hands. Food kept at room temperature has to be consumed within 4 hours. Hot food, which is served, must be stored above 60 degrees Celsius, and cold food needs to be kept below 5 degrees Celsius.


How to hand food

The receiving areas have to be kept sanitized and clean. The food must be received in clean containers, and there must be separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods storing sections, and for cooked and uncooked foods. There are many instructions which have to be followed in the food storage procedure and food handled with proper care.


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