Fortis group of hospitals- Saving millions of lives with best of medication


Aiding to battle severe health issues, with the best of technology- here’s a group of hospitals- Fortis. The vision that has kept them growing stronger with each passing day is to save a greater number of lives with affordable treatments and medications. Gradually making it towards its goal, this company has strengthened their roots across the lands of Dubai, Sri Lanka, India and Mauritius- with about ten thousand serving beds.

Radiology, cardiology, paediatrics, dermatology, orthopaedic oncology and much more- you will find well organized teams of doctors, nurses and other staff providing hassle free medical services in each of the departments. This company has about six healthcare care centres located in Delhi, out of which the one located at Okhla road, is known to be the most effective heart institute among the group of Delhi Fortis hospitals.

Post-operative tips related to heart surgery

Coronary surgeries as counted one of the major ones, do call for a strict post-surgery care for the earliest recovery. Here’s a few tips regarding the same from the specialists at Fortis Delhi heart institute.

Foremost thing that comes into the scene for the recovery from any surgery is your diet. Though you may not have a great appetite yet you need to arrange your daily dose of nutrients in a smarter way. If not heavy meals, then keep munching on little tit-bits at short intervals of time. Also, you can keep your fresh fruit juices in a handy sipper in case you do not prefer to have to it in greater quantities at a time.

The next thing that queues up the list is good sleep. Post-surgery most people come up with a complaint regarding sleeping habits. It is expected that a little pain will be keeping you up for a while, so it is prescribed to take the medicines early in the evening. May be a proper bedtime habit can help.

The patients are prescribed to resume their daily chores gradually post the surgery. It may take about six or eight weeks for you to resume driving. Moreover, standing in a particular posture for longer than fifteen minutes is a ‘no-no’. Also,climbing stairs and lifting heavy items or any job wherein pushing or pulling of heavy items is involved comes undera strict ‘don’t’ after your surgery.

Keep a check on your wounds in the first couple of weeks so as to watch out for infections. A regular dressing of your wound is essential. Shampoo, perfumed soaps or deodorants can be used only till they are not affecting the incision area. Keep a check if the area around the incision incurs any redness and warmth, or if there is more oozing from the wound. Also check with your doctor if you are running from higher fever.

The last thing in the list but definitely not the least is keeping up your spirits. In order to recover from any disease, your emotional conditions play a major role. As far as heart surgery is concerned, you may face a little loss of concentration or memory issues as a post operation effect.

Eat well, sleep well and pave the way for super-fast recovery.

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