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Flow arts in Cacahoatan, Chiapas

Experience the magic of Flow arts from the expert professionals 

New World and its new techniques are quite fascinating. At present, there is a common phenomenon popular across the world and that is remodelling or fresh packaging of the same age-old cultural patterns or practices by a new name. Not only a new name, but also a new set of ideas and presentation to make it more acceptable and accessible to all the generations. Flow art is one of such cases. 

You must have heard the name of stunts or acts like juggling, hula hooping, slacklining, or balancing a sword on head, or walking through a thin rope tied with two bamboos. All of these are now can be called Flow art all together or even separately. You must have experienced some of them in road side performances. Folk artists used to perform some of these acts in sharing their thoughts or while story telling. But with the time the folk forms have also changed and now all these acts have come to known as the Flow arts and a huge number of people or you can say performers are attached to it. They perform the art form in professional levels and stages. 


At present the Flow arts in Cacahoatan, Chiapas is quite popular as they are gaining a level of reputation with more and more entertaining performances and this has become one of the most talked about shows in the state. You can visit the websites and get enough information or you can just visit the places and experience a live show. In specific countries like South Africa, Brazil and all where street festivals are very common and people perform at their own wish, these art form can be seen vividly. Enthusiasts can follow these carnivals to get a glimpse of such professional performers at their very best. The colourful dresses they were and the properties they use to complete their act are some of the accessories you should watch out for. 


As you enjoy the acrobatic performances from flow art performers, you must need to know that the performers need to have some basic features and criteria for being a performer. It is not that easy that you just get the training and start performing. The flow art depends on some other factors-

So, next time you are up for such flow art performances, you may enjoy the acts more and praise the performers better than ever as you know little more about the art and its attributes.

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