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Five Ways to Work While Traveling Abroad

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Everyone nowadays has to work one way or another, either to get a fixed income every month or to maintain a good social status in the community. Unfortunately, it does not happen so often that someone does the job that he likes, and most of the people do any available jobs just to get a stable income every month to pay for rent or to support their families. For travelers, it could be hard sometimes to work and travel at the same time, but there are a few very convenient options right now for travelers so that they can travel wherever they want and still get a fixed income.


One of the best options is teaching. Nowadays, an English teacher is needed almost everywhere, and that is a very big plus for native English speakers who like traveling, especially around Asia. If you are not a native English speaker and very fluent in English, you can apply for a CELTA or a TEFL test and get a worldwide recognized certificate in teaching English with which you can land a job easily in many countries around the world.

Cruise Ship Employee

If you love the sea and the oceans, you can get a job as an employee on a cruise ship through this website:allcruisejobs. You can work there in many different fields including cooking, entertainment, room service, music, engineering, and even painting. There are many cruise ships nowadays that are very similar to big cities when it comes to their size and the number of people that they accommodate. You are going to work with people from around the world, and you will get to practice foreign languages and know different cultures. Cruise ships of course stop at some cities on their way, so you will get to be in different places on the planet as well.

Freelance Writer

It is always a great option to work as a freelance writer, especially if you have a good experience in copywriting. You can write travel articles and post them on travel magazines and websites, or you can write SEO articles, blog posts, web content, and travel tips and guides. You can start by searching for freelance writing jobs websites like Ok Essay hire professional writers for cooperation. You can take as many orders as you can handle, which means that you can use it for additional income or as a full-time job, what is more, such job allow you to work from any place.

Flight Attendant

If you are a girl, then it may be easy for you to get a job as a flight attendant and travel around the world. You will get to be in many different places and cities in many countries while you are doing your daily job-servicing customers on international flights. The good thing about the job is that you will get paid well, get a good health and life insurance, meet with many different people from different cultures, and have an international group of friends. It is not the best option for backpackers, and hard-core travelers as flight attendants usually get to stay maximum for 48 hours in any city they travel to. One of the best companies to get a job as a flight attendant is Emirates, and they hold interviews in many countries around the world.

Au Pair

If you are looking forward to traveling while living with very friendly people in their own family,Through it, you can find a host family in many countries in the world that can host you and take care of you in exchange for some basic work that you may have to do for them. For example, you can teach their kids, tell them more about the culture and traditions of your native country, teach them some words in your native language, or help them with some basic household duties. It is exactly as if you are living in your own family, where everyone helps some way or another and shares his daily life experiences.

There are many other ways to work and travel at the same time. It is not necessary to have a good income out of it, but it also could be possible. After all, traveling enriches your mind and soul with thoughts, values, and experiences that money will never buy, and it will make you believe in humanity and the goodness of this world, as you will meet many people who just want to help you some way or another without expecting anything in return.

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