Five Design Elements for a Modern Office Space


The traditional design of an office building has evolved drastically, and rows upon rows of cubicles are no longer conducive to a productive work environment. Private offices for the higher-ups and isolated cubicles don’t create a team mentality, nor do they allow for collaboration with each other. The way that people work is changing, and there has been a shift in mindset, with a focus on creative cooperation and general well-being. The design of an office space has the potential to boost productivity, human connection, efficiency, and mental health. Here are elements you can incorporate into your office design to create a prosperous working environment.

1.    Glass Doors and Walls

Conference or meeting rooms are an essential element of every office space. Often, these rooms can block out a lot of natural light coming from exterior windows and can also section off the area. By installing fire resistant glass doors and windows, you can maintain an openness in the office while still creating a private and quiet space for meetings. If necessary, you can even get pull-down screens for presentations or added privacy during conferences. Avoiding private offices is better, but if executives do still require their own offices, make them glass to encourage a team mentality.

2.    Open Layout and Floorplan

Avoid a cubicle structure; instead, go for an open layout. Cubicles can isolate employees and discourage them from working together. Encourage collaboration and creativity by setting up the workspace so everyone can ask each other questions and throw ideas around, thereby making everyone more efficient. An open layout will prevent employees from feeling bored or lonely when doing repetitive tasks; it also supports a positive culture and environment. Set up the workspace with either multiple desks in a row or across from each other. Alternatively, you could opt for large tables, with workstations set up around it.

3.    Collaborative and Recreational Areas

Encourage collaboration and work-life balance with a variety of spaces made for that purpose. These could include lounges, break areas with beanbags, or a games room. In the modern workplace, a healthy and fun environment is essential. You want your employees to enjoy coming to work and forge quality and productive relationships with their colleagues. If they like working there, they will put 100% into their work and deliver results. These spaces will allow staff to relax when not working, boost camaraderie, and have creative collaboration sessions.

4.    Ditch the Harsh Fluorescents

Classic office lighting has always been those harsh, grid ceiling fluorescents. They aren’t very pretty to look at, nor are they necessary anymore. Ideally, let in as much natural light as possible so that you don’t need light fixtures that are so strong. Choose modern lighting fixtures, like hanging pendant lights. or even get a snazzy chandelier. Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish or have unique design elements.

5.    Open up the Ceiling

Since you no longer need those terrible grid fluorescents, there’s no reason why you can’t open up the ceiling. An exposed ceiling will highlight the ductwork or beams and make the space more dynamic. It will also open up the area, making it feel less stuffy and boxy. The industrial feel is totally modern and a cool feature to consider in your Home Office Setup space.

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