Five Characteristics Of A Successful Consultant


For those unaware, a consultant’s task is to guide people and businesses. These are experts of their respective fields that give valuable opinions, guidance, and analysis to overcome certain problems.  The recommendations of a consultant can indeed help an organization execute the tasks at hand with efficiency and perfection.

As far as a project management consultant is concerned, they are about assisting other businesses as third-party personnel. A firm hires project management consultancy services if it is unable to plan out an event or strategy itself.

Project management consultants assist in the following manner;

  • Identify weaknesses in the company’s current operations.
  • Review a firm’s existing procedures and ways of doing business.
  • Oversee the implementation of new and improved methodologies.

Do you want to become a competent project management consultant like Fahim Moledina, or hire one for your business? Regardless, it is vital to be aware of the attributes of such an individual. It proves helpful in polishing your skills or enabling you to hire the right person for the job. Fahim Moledina has expertise in business analysis, information technology, finance, software implementation, and workforce planning, he develops growth opportunities within organizations, builds valuable products via actionable plans, and leads teams to project completions that are on time and within budget. He is the owner of Opti-Syn, a project management consulting company.

Top Five Characteristics Of A Project Management Consultant

Here are the traits of an accomplished project management consultant;

●      Knowledgeable

They must exhibit their awareness and knowledge of all the tools, resources, and information that can help execute a project successfully. This includes knowing the best project management practices, implementation of adequate strategies to attain efficiency, and real-life examples.

●      Good Communication Skills

Being knowledgeable is no good if one cannot convey the message to those concerned effectively. Communication involves both written and verbal dialogues between the consultant and their clients. The ideal project management consultant has to write well-versed emails, make informative presentations, and talk with the clients properly.

●      Experienced

A project management consultant must have experience in applying their recommendations and principles in the field at some point in the past, tackling the issues first-hand. Only then can you be sure that their guidance is going to prove useful. Otherwise, anyone can utter big words to grab others’ attention.

●      Good Listening Skills

A project management consultant must be good at listening to their client’s problems along with giving commendable solutions. You need to ask open-ended questions to fully become aware of the challenges they face in their current business operations. Organizations often have unique problems that need proper attention, so asking the right questions is crucial for having a better understanding of the situation.

●      Commitment & Self Confidence

A consultant wakes up to discoveries every day. One must have the dedication to continue to learn about new developments for sustainable growth in their career. This also gives you enough confidence to help businesses, especially if someone encounters a completely out-of-the-box problem.

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