Finding the Right Professionals for Your Event


Unless your company employs a dedicated team of specialists, ranging from audio-visual experts to event planners, the success of your event depends greatly on finding professionals to help you.

But not all event professionals are the same. In order to find the best people to work with, there are a few essential things that you need to do first.

Starting on the right foot

Before you hire an event management team to help your company, you need to know exactly what these professionals can do for you.

Event management is a broad term that can mean a number of things. It does not help that within the field itself, there are various areas of specialization, ranging from personal events like weddings to corporate events like trade shows.

For businesses, event management companies can help you in a few critical areas. These include setting the budget, deciding on the event design, event planning, marketing coordination, event monitoring, and running the actual event.

Finding the best professionals for your event requires diligent work. After all, the success of your event depends heavily on whom you bring in. Early in the process, you will need to cast a wide net to find potential hires. This provides you with the opportunity to have a good pool of prospective companies to interview.

Apart from stellar reviews from previous clients, industry standouts would have rightfully earned their reputation within their field. When you are just beginning your search, start out with local businesses that can point you in the right direction. These include hotels and event venues, non-governmental organizations, and even your peers within your own industry.

After you have created a shortlist of candidates, the next important step that you need to undertake is to choose the best among them. To do that, you need to ask the right questions. These questions involve matters related to their knowledge of the industry and the strategies and tools they use.

Once you have found the right individuals or team, you have to make sure that you draw up a contract. This contract will serve as your protection and outline the terms of service. Make sure that you read the contract carefully, including the fine print.

Managing the partnership

Finding the right partner for your event is just one half of the equation. In order to increase the chances of success, you have to give your event management team the opportunities they need to do their jobs efficiently and productively. And a lot of that depends heavily on you.

Here are a few helpful tips that will increase the synergy between you and the professionals you have hired.

Outline their responsibilities

At the outset, outline the responsibilities of each member of the team, including the professionals you have hired. The head of the event management team will work together with the person you choose from your own company. In turn, the event management head will coordinate with the different specialists working on the event.

Communicate often

Do not expect things to happen magically out of the blue. Communicate early and communicate regularly using different platforms, from phone calls to chat messaging using online tools.

This will help prevent misunderstandings and settle potential issues before any of these crop up. Changes in the original plan should be communicated and cascaded down as soon as possible to avoid confusion.

Start the event with a meeting

Before diving head-on with the actual event, make sure that everyone is onboard and ready for deployment by starting with a team meeting.

Ideally, this meeting should be held a day before the actual event. This is the perfect opportunity to finalize details, go over tasks that need to be undertaken, and reiterate the roles of each member on the team.

Treat the event management team like you would your employees, and you will be rewarded, not only with efficiency and productivity. Beyond that, you will be able to gain their trust and respect, which translates to their personal investment in the success of your event.

An event is composed of several moving parts that can go haywire without the right people doing their jobs. A trusted event management team can bring a lot to the table, if you take the time and exert effort to find the right one, and if you invest in creating a stable professional relationship.


Born in 1979, Mahmoud Majed is the Managing Director at Level Production. He is a B.A holder in Business Management with 15+ years of relative experience. Prior to his role at Level, Mahmoud held a marketing directorship position for a leading holding group in the UAE, handling accounts in industries such as international retail and dining and pioneering the concession business department. Mahmoud also took on leadership roles in the high-end luxury sector. Mahmoud first moved to Dubai in 2001 and has called the country his second home ever since. He is a firm believer in the power of positivity and works hard on implementing happiness in the workspace.

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