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How to Find the Best Foot Massager for your Money

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Chronic foot pain plagues millions of people around the world; it is not surprising that foot massage contraptions of all shapes and sizes available on the market. With so many devices to choose from, it’s hard to know how to choose the right massager. In this article, I will help you find the best foot massager for your money.

Dear massager Hi-tech

There are many foot massage and high-tech leg, but with high technology comes to a high price. A massage that is the Human Touch Ottoman machine. This gadget is a bit like, as its name suggests, a chair. They keep your feet into the slots and a remote-controlled massage rollers on the bottom of the feet.

These masseurs and others will undoubtedly give you a massage, but the question you must ask yourself whether you really want or really need to spend $ 300 and is to massage your feet?

Massage tools in mid-range

If you are not ready to splurge on expensive gadgets money can buy are standing, you must place a therapeutic tool in the average standard. The global luxury multimode Tapping Foot Massager is one such device. Priced at around $ 50, this unit offers not only a good massage your feet tapping and vibration, but it also has an integrated heating system to warm the feet.

These and other devices are good alternatives if you’re not crazy to pay top dollar, and can have a good massage. A disadvantage of being aware that they are mechanical machinery, and perhaps a break, and so keep the cost of repair and replacement of your choice.

Low-tech, low-cost, effective foot massager

You will be surprised that some of the cheapest low-tech devices may be foot therapy really give you the best foot massage without breaking the bank. My favorite device works, and in my opinion the best foot massage for your money, it is the traditional Japanese bamboo foot massager.

This simple massage that is used as a massage tool, go-to-foot in Japan for centuries, is simply a half-section of bamboo, of course, in a manner which gives the feet a soothing curve, stimulating, and surprisingly effective massage only they occur.

Described in contrast with the more expensive models, this type of massage tool low-tech U.S. under $ 20 for, and once that is made of bamboo, hard natural and has no moving parts, is sustainable, and we can expect will last a lifetime. It is also small, lightweight, portable, and easy to use if you are more likely to use more, rather than hide it in your garage or attic in a closet unused.

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