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Famous Forts of Jaipur, India

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Jaipur is undoubtedly known for that pink color that I acquired when the one who would be King Eduardo Vlll visited the city in 1876. Within the walls of that color there are a number of really interesting attractions for the visitor, such as the Palace of the Winds, but outside of them, there are many other places that deserve to be visited. Among them, the forts near the city. 

There is no doubt that one of the most famous of Rajasthan and the most visited by all those who arrive in Jaipur is the Amber Fort, a place with history and in which you can still visit a good number of the palatial rooms that formed part of the life of city rulers for centuries. But you also have to know the forts of Jaigarh and Nahargarh, in addition to approaching to see the Moti Doongri, a fort that later became a lavish palace.

Amber Fort

Little more than 10 kilometers separate the pink city from this magnificent fort, a perfect example of Rajputs architecture. Amber was once the capital of the state of Jaipur and the works of the fort began in 1592 by order of the Maharaja Man Singh, being later expanded by Jai Singh and Jai Singh ll before moving the capital to the city that is now also of Rajasthan

This fort is famous for that ascent that can be done on the back of elephants, but whoever thinks they are mistreated or who does not want to collaborate in this type of business can walk up or by jeep. It is when you go through the Suraj Pol when you really begin to contemplate the majesty of the place, with large stairs, columns and profusely decorated doors. 

The visitor goes through the Diwan-I-am, the Elephant Gate, gardens, the zenana and through such beautiful rooms as the Sheesh Mahal, all decorated with mirrors, so many that a single candle can light the entire room.

Apart from the entire palace complex of the fort, we must not forget to see the Shila Devi Temple. It is located on the side near the ticket office and is a place where Hindus come with offerings and where you cannot take photos.

Jaigarh Fort

Amber rises above Amber that few travelers are encouraged to climb. It is there where the imposing Jaigarh is located and only one walk separates both forts. In spite of this, there are few travelers who after meeting the famous Amber Fort are encouraged to meet this other and many leave without even knowing its existence.

The fort is dotted with a good number of watchtowers and was never assaulted, so it has remained intact over the centuries. Inside there are residential areas, gardens, water tanks, a puppet theater and the world’s largest wheel cannon.

You have to travel the entire perimeter of the fort, because the views on clear days are great, especially from the Diwa Burj watchtower.

Nahargarh Fort

This fort dominates the pink city from a steep hill to the north. It was built in 1734 by Jai Singh ll in European Indo style with a good number of structures within the fortress, including several temples, the Diwan-i-am, but above all the Madhavendra Bhawan, which was built as a place Retreat by Nahar Singh, and that is why this two-story building has suites for the king and his nine queens. The rooms, all the same, have a lobby, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, all arranged in a maze of terraces and patios.

The best time to visit this fort is the sunset, since from it there are beautiful views of Jaipur and the sunset.

Moti Doongri Fort

What was once a fort that dominated from a small hill south of Jaipur, ended up becoming an elegant palace thanks to Sawai Man Singh II, which also added to the structure Scottish-style towers. He and his wife, Princess Gayatri, celebrated elegant parties in their halls, but all that is history, and although the palace is closed to the public if you can contemplate.

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