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Facts On Liver Transplant in India

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Liver Transplant is a treatment option when the liver is severely damaged or diseased. The facts, symptoms, causes, treatment procedure, Cost Liver Transplant in India can vary for every individual. 

Well, the best part about the treatment in India is the success of the surgery. It is because the procedure is performed in India for 38 years now. The extensive practical exposure to all kinds of surgical procedures and continuous research has made the surgeons expert in handling all the situations. 

The hospitals and treatment centres have started adapting to new machines, advanced equipment and run hand in hand with the technology to reduce the risks and enhance the result of treatment for the patients.

When Does a Patient Require Liver Transplantation?

The reasons for a liver transplant are different in the adults and the patients.

 The most common reasons for a liver transplant in adults include:

    • Cirrhosis: It is a condition that misleads the functioning of the liver due to a chronic injury. In this type of disorder, the scar tissues replace the healthy tissues, blocking the flow of blood through the liver.
    • Alcohol: One of the major reasons for liver transplant is the misfunctioning of the liver due to excessive consumption of alcohol.


  • Heredity Liver Diseases: The liver diseases that are inherited cannot find a cure without the surgery; it requires transplant only.
  • Hepatitis A and B: A person suffering from hepatitis A and B often gets affected by liver disorder. In this type of health issue, the liver stops performing the necessary function. So, the cure calls for transplantation.


Reasons for paediatric liver transplantation:


  • Biliary Artesia: The Biliary Artesia is a defect by birth found in newborn babies. In this situation, the duct between the liver and the small intestine is blocked. In short, the bile ducts that carry bile out of the duct are missing. This condition leads to the cirrhosis in the children, and finally the liver failure. So, the child has to undergo the liver transplant for the healing.
  • Miscellaneous Reasons: Other reasons leading to the liver transplant is liver cancer, a benign tumour in the liver, cancer in other parts of the body that spreads to the liver, and more such conditions.


All the conditions specified above require the liver transplant. Now the question is:

What is the cost of Liver Transplant in India?

The Price of Liver Transplant in India is highly affordable. However, it depends on certain factors like:

  • Age
  • Cause
  • Procedure
  • The severity of the disorder, and more.

Well, keeping all the medical aspects in mind the price range for the transplant remains USD 29,000 to 45,000. 

The price in other countries can be a minimum of four to five times higher than that of India.

Final Words:

Liver transplant is not that crucial like other transplant procedures. As the donated part of the liver regenerates again. So, if you are recommended for the liver transplant, do not delay with the treatment. It will help you to recover from your health issue at the earliest and stop further complications.

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