Facts and tips on tanning your skin


Nowadays, people do think that looking tan is much attractive and it will make a person look much healthier and slim. Having tan skin could actually mean that you are wealthy enough to go on a vacation. Yes, having tan skin will surely boost up your self-confidence when you are out on the beach, having a pool day or whenever you feel like heading out.

Perks of being tan

Various researchers have pointed out the fact that being tan could make a person look more attractive and boost their self-confidence and also enhance their mood. Tanning is a result of increased vitamin D. some say that exposure to the sun could elevate a person’s mood and increase their energy. Not only it’s this, vitamin D is an essential vitamin to our body and this could be obtained just by exposing your skin to sunlight as sunlight contains UVB. Lower levels of vitamin D means increased levels of bone diseases, heart diseases etc. it should be also noted that overexposure to the sun does not necessarily enable your skin to synthesize more vitamin D. Also, prolonged sun exposure could have its adverse effects. Exposure of about 15-20 minutes every other day would be enough to produce vitamin D to meet the daily requirements.

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How to keep the skin tanned?

Firstly, you should be able to know the type of skin that you have because tanning will depend on the type of your skin tone. For instance, people having light pale skin will find it difficult to get their skin tanned. Regardless the skin type, you owe to make sure you start your tanning process slow for this you could visit a reputable salon and get advice. Nevertheless, some day to day tips to keep your skin protected while being exposed to the sun includes the usage of tanning oils and lotions. There is a variety of tanning oils in the market if you are searching for one ensure that you go for a tanning oil or lotion which has these powerful hydrating agents such as glycerin, coconut oil, vitamin E and cocoa butter. Liquid gold self-tanning oil could be perfect for this matter.Some even use baby oil since it works quickly in the tanning process, but it is not of any better than the sun sunscreens as sunscreens essentially contain ingredients that are meant to protect your skin from UV rays and so does tanning oils and lotions.

When exposing yourself to the sun

These products are designed to protect your skin from getting damaged from sun exposure. Only a few tanning oils and lotions may contain an SPF protection. If you are getting exposed to the sun use a product that contains an SPF protection. You could apply in even quantities on your skin before you go sunbathing or any place where your skin would get exposed to sunlight. By using oils and lotions you would get a natural tan looking skin and most importantly it protects your skin from harmful UV rays.



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