Factory by Sutra offers a Relaxing Dinning Experience


Marked as one of the fastest developed cities of India, Gurgaon is best known for its most happening places like, energetic nightlife places, excellent restaurants and food hubs where you can enjoy till late night. However, amongst various areas, Sector 29 is gradually rising to become the food and nightlife hub that offers something for everyone. There is a plethora of options when it comes to nightlife in this area and another hot new destination that has opened up is Factory by Sutra.

Factory by Sutra.

Factory by Sutra is an authentic Microbrewery & Pub., and its ambience and theme gives you an ideal ‘factory’ feel immediately. The interiors and décor has an absolute “WOW” factor. This place has four floors of seating that offers something for everyone. The unique facility of a dedicated co-working space on the first level allows you to embrace a chic way of working; it adds a lot of value to the place and is perfect if you like working for yourself.

Factory by Sutra

Factory is a fresh take on a cafe, microbrewery and co. working area all combined to create a unique and beautiful space that is fun, energetic and inspiring. Factory’s Micro-Brewery Plant and machinery is an integral part of the interiors. The Factory theme and décor, which is very raw, has large Container and brewery lay out that can completely bowl you over. Precisely, this place offers you the best of gastronomy and electric nightlife experience.

Factory by Sutra

The authentic Indian, Oriental & European delicacies along with selected Mexican and Turkish Flavors truly compliment the drinks. Apart from that, the Live Pizza Section offers variety of Pizzas, North Indian Kebabs and the ‘Karari Roti’ which is a specialty. The freshly brewed and hand crafted beer is the highlight of Factory by Sutra; the cocktails made by the charismatic bartenders are outstanding. Apart from this, bar menu also offers the best varieties of Champagnes, Wines, Premium Single Malts, Scotches, Cocktails, Mocktails, Bourbon and Irish whiskey. The exotic seven day lunch Buffet features unique, mouth-watering specials each week and offers a comfortable and relaxed dining experience for the whole family.

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