How To Experience The Traditional Side Of Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a glorious fusion of vibrant colors that depict the various cultures that coexist in this region. From the beautiful design of the monasteries to the delightful shapes of the sky lanterns, this city displays art in all its forms. The multitude of flavors of the local cuisine and the temples of different faiths that dot the landscape will make you realize that Hong Kong is truly the best example of being harmoniously diverse. If you wish to fully experience the traditional side of this fascinating city then here are a few activities that you must not miss.

Visit Historic Temples




As you wander through Hong Kong, you will come across temples of different religions that are evidence of the tolerant nature of the locals. The temples of Hong Kong do not only provide a serene and mystical ambiance, they also display some fine architecture that incorporates a magical array of colors. The Wong Tai Sin Temple, for example, has a sprawling campus drenched in shades of red and gold while the Pak Tai Temple has intricate sculptures of dragons and other mythical symbols. You must also visit the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery to admire the numerous images of Buddha that adorn the temple and the Man Mo Temple to pay your respect to the local Gods of Literature and War.

Have Breakfast At A Dai Pai Dong


Dai Pai Dongs are traditional street side food stalls that offer an al fresco dining experience. The clatter of crockery at the Dai Pai Dongs begins early in the morning as breakfast is prepared for the locals and the tourists. You will find a variety of food items to choose from, although each Dai Pai Dong has its own specialty. Some must have delicacies include the crispy salt and pepper pork and the bowls of slurpy noodles. From traditional soups and rice balls to the more contemporary sandwiches, the feast on offer is so huge that it is indeed fit for a king. A great way to experience the different flavors is to visit a new Dai Pai Dong each morning to have breakfast with the locals.

Visit Lantau Island And See The Big Buddha


Lantau Island is the largest island of Hong Kong which is home to the Hong Kong Disneyland. The more traditional landmark of the island, however, is the majestic Po Lin Monastery with a gigantic statue of Buddha. Known as the Big Buddha or the Tian Tan Buddha, this 34-meter tall bronze sculpture is one of the largest statues of the seated Buddha in the world. The monastery itself was founded in the early 1900s and some of the buildings from that era have still survived and stand surrounded by the more modern architecture. Within the premises, you can purchase souvenirs, such as wooden bracelets, from the shops set up by the locals.

Pamper Yourself At A Traditional Spa


If you need to relax those sore muscles then head over to one of the many spas that are ubiquitous in Hong Kong. The local spas offer the traditional Hong Kong massage therapy that is based on the principles of ancient Chinese medicine. This massage comes with several healing benefits and is known to boost the immune system as well as to cure muscle injuries. They induce a peaceful state of mind and restore the balance of the energy that flows through your system. Treating yourself to a spa session is the best way to pamper yourself and to catch a glimpse of the traditional Chinese practices in action.

If you wish to experience the authentic culture of Hong Kong then skip the touristy spots and opt for these activities instead. After all, the best way to explore a city is to eat, pray, and live like the locals do.

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