Expectations to Have Before First Session of Individual Therapy


It might be that additional 2 pounds you find it difficult to lose. Perhaps you might be hostile with adultery. Or you may not be happy with the job and looking forward to some professional guidance in figuring out the mantra that would make you happy. You might also be suffering from the age-old factors of anxiety and depression.

If you connect to any one of the situations above, choosing counseling or therapy would be of great help indeed. So, what’s stopping you? Wait, is it the reactions or people or the way how you will deal with the first encounter with the therapist?

If it’s people’s reaction, simply leave it up to them but if it is about the expectations from the therapist, continue reading the pointers below to know what you can expect from the very first session of your individual therapy in Los Angeles or other preferred location.

  • It Does Not Resemble with the Facts in the Movies

No, you don’t need to spill out all your dark deepest secrets while lying on the couch. Possibilities are there that there might not be a couch in the room. In case if there lies a conflict or any concern hidden deep inside you, it might take time to bring it on. It is better to ponder about the primary issues that you want to address. Think about the feelings and thoughts that bother you the most.

  • Initially, it will be more like Q&A Session!

What makes you reach a therapist? What is the state of your mental health? Do you experience the attacks of stress, depression, anxiety or some undesired feelings? Is it the first time or you have been before to some other therapist? Which label of medicine do you take as of now? It’s the time to know each other and to chalk out the plan of action to get the best results.

  • Talking About the Visits – How Often and Number of Times?

Most of the therapists prefer seeing patients every week or two. The professional will fix the frequency of the visit. In usual cases, sessions last for 50 minutes. The therapist or the counselor sitting right opposite will take notes while you keep sharing the secrets and the problems. There is no harm in asking what the notes contain.

  • The Story Telling Session

The professional might ask the client to share the problem in the form of a story to make it more convenient, all because to relate to the current state of the problem. He/she might question about the origin of the family, discuss the relationships to reach out to the potential cause of the suffering. Make sure to be as comfortable as possible in terms of the words you deliver. This will help the counselor to formulate solutions in a more effective manner.

The Wrapping Up

First and the foremost thing is don’t be in a hurry to wrap the sessions and don’t show any potential sign. Take this opportunity, to sum up, all the sufferings and focus more on getting the relied as early as possible. Remember the more time you spend with the therapist offering individual therapy in Los Angeles or other location; the better it will be to get the desired results.

The first session is taken as the process of establishing a therapeutic relationship that is extremely critical for any therapy session. So, don’t panic and trust the person to come out of the pain.

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