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Excavators regardless of its shape, size or capacity are generally seen as heavy industry machinery. These machines come in such diversity that it could hinge on redefining what they really are as technological advancements and innovation increases their range of abilities year by year. The variety of excavators which are as diverse as the types of tools that one would be able to find in a toolbox has in effect enhanced the efficiency levels of construction outfits mainly due to the increasing number of unique tasks that excavators are able to perform. From the mini excavators that weighs just about 500kgs and fit into the back of utility trucks to mega-sized excavators that weigh way over 10,000kgs. While it is true that size plays a crucial role when it comes to excavators, it is also evident that construction outfits often do not get everything right when it comes to excavators. This could be due to a variety of reasons from finding the right type of excavator right up to the general contractors not being aware of the differences that these excavators have to offer. Hence based on this it is critical for general contractors to be able to choose excavators based on the dimensions of these excavators. While a standard 5 tonne excavator that is  commonly found at construction sites are perfectly equipped and capable of handling a variety of construction related activities, it is not necessary to have these giants when mini excavators could also accomplish the same tasks with more efficiency and at lower cost.

While it is true that standard excavators are generally capable of handling both small and big tasks without hassle, there is always the element of cost and ‘space’ that need to be considered, not to mention the ‘green factor’.  Using bigger excavators hence, means higher cost and higher pollution and as most of us know, being a green company has its advantages over companies that disregard the ‘environmentally friendly’ factor. Hence, it would not just be cost effective for general contractors to use mini excavators, but in many instances also practical and environmentally friendly. The environmentally friendly element could be inserted into the marketing mix of the construction company. Research shows that consumers are generally more sensitive to the environment these days and do not mind paying a little extra to save the environment. Smaller construction projects generally do not require large excavators as the projects are quite ‘light’ as a matter of speaking – literally. Mini excavators are in fact quite capable of performing anything from digging trenches and demolition work right up to laying drainage systems, moving heavy material, forestry work and even dredging and snow ploughing. This is because excavator hire machinery are also equipped with hydraulic coupling systems that allow these versatile machines to be attached with a range of tools such as steel cutters, deep drillers and concrete breakers. Therefore, for general contractors who have not familiarised themselves with mini excavators, it is about time they did if they intend to stay ahead.

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