Everything You Should Know About Online Proctoring Services


Online courses are like water in the desert for people who do not get the opportunity to pursue full-time educational programs because of other commitments like jobs and family. Learners from all around the world go for online programs that can widen the horizons of their knowledge without having to attend classes at a university or college.

The concept of eLearning has been globally accepted by millions of learners whose dream of attaining educations from the comfort of their homes has been fulfilled. And, there is one by-product of online learning that is gaining importance these days. The thing that I am talking about is none other than online proctoring.

Proctoring is a well-established practice in schools & colleges where invigilators keep an eye over students during an exam. Thus, students are used to taking it for granted. But, do you know how proctoring takes place during an online examination. If not, don’t worry. As I am here today to discuss proctoring services and help you understand why it has become an essential part of eLearning.

What are Online Proctoring Services?

If you ask me in simplest terms what online proctoring means, I would say that it is a kind of proctoring that is conducted online. To be more elaborate with it, online proctoring refers to a practice wherein an invigilator observes a candidate through a webcam and microphone during an online assessment. 

So, who are these proctors?

Well, proctors are designated by the institutions that offer online courses. And, in cases where candidates belong to remote areas, they are given the option to look for a licensed proctor near them. If you stay in the small town, you can ask the pastor, the church minister or a librarian to carry out this duty. 

However, this can be a little complex process since anyone who is an outsider cannot be trusted to follow the rules and regulations of the course provider until and unless there is a proper video of the candidate taking the assessment.

What are the advantages of proctoring services?

There are more pros than cons when you talk about online proctoring. After all, it helps students have a great online learning experience and eliminates the need of visiting the campus again and again. There are still a bunch of challenges that are attached to this practice but the countless benefits make up for small issues.

What makes online proctoring services a blessing for the eLearning industry is that it elevates the trust of people in online courses. A few years ago when the idea of proctoring has not taken real shape, online programs were not given as much respect by employers as it is given today. 

In a nutshell, online proctoring enhanced the integrity and reliability of online educational programs as in the current age, companies pay regards to professionals holding degrees that are earned on the internet. This shows the uplifted value of programs offered online.

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