Everything you need to know about partial dentures


Missing teeth can put you through hell, especially if you have to keep your lips sealed in most social gatherings. It can even be more hectic when there is an accelerating bone loss, making it difficult to chew or pronounce some words. Fortunately, partial dentures can help solve that, just like implants.

Most partial dentures will still depict a natural tooth’s function though they may stand out because they are made of acrylic or a metal base. However, before opting for any procedure, you must visit a reliable Cosmetic Dentist Essex for examination and thorough assessment. 

The best thing about partial dentures is that they are quick and don’t require a sophisticated surgical procedure or a prolonged healing time compared to dentures. Remember, they don’t require grounding down adjacent teeth hence removable. In other words, you can choose when to have the dentures or when to go without them with ease. Partial dentures are also inexpensive compared to other methods of replacing lost teeth. Therefore, it provides a ready and affordable solution for the average person to restore that smile and confidence.

So, what are some of the things that you need to know about partial dentures? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • What are partial dentures?

Dentures, just like implants, are also artificial teeth that are created by a dentistry surgeon to fill in the missing teeth, only that they are temporary, and you can remove them when going to sleep. It is important to note that dentures can also be full, but most people resort to partial as in the case of full, you’ll need something stronger like implants.

However, you don’t need to worry about fitting because most dentures will be designed to fit your mouth perfectly and physically match the current set of teeth. Dentures aren’t strong enough, and some hard diets such as grains and sugarcane are discouraged as they can cause them to flip or slide away from original positions.

While plastic has been the most common construction material for dentures for years, technology is now giving room to hard resin material, which is stronger and fits snugly on the gum line for comfort. Dentures are delicate even than the teeth, and on most occasions, they will break when carelessly handled.  

  • What are the benefits of partial dentures?

Partial dentures offer every benefit that a dental implant would offer, only that they aren’t permanent. They are also feeble, and cant withstand rigorous chewing patterns. Nevertheless, anecdotal accounts of successful denture candidates indicate dentures make chewing easier, compared to doing that with teeth gaps.

Partial dentures also improve your appearance by giving you a realistic replacement of the missing teeth. In other words, you can smile as wide as you want with partial dentures without fear of ridicule or feeling ashamed. What is more worth in this world than having your self-esteem and confidence intact? Well, if you are a perfect candidate, consider dentures to experience the other side of life.

  • How can I get the perfect clinic for partial dentures?

Getting the right clinic for partial dentures will depend on so many factors, among them reputation of the potential clinics. Don’t fall for many advertisements you come across the internet. Instead, please do your due diligence by taking time to research and read online reviews on what other candidates have to say about their former clinics. Positive reviews are like personal recommendations and will often yield to the best services. You might also consider getting referrals from close friends and relatives who’ve had the procedure before. In fact, that way, you’ll even know what to anticipate before your actual treatment process. 

  • What are the types of partial dentures?

There are various types of partial dentures, which include cast metal removable partial dentures, acrylic removable partial denture, implant-supported fixed bridge, fixed bridge, and flexible partial denture. Among the factors that will determine the kind of dental plant that you’ll likely have include the position of the remaining teeth, the number of teeth needed to be replaced, and the allergy factor. For instance, someone who is allergic to both cast metal and acrylic materials will opt for a flexible partial denture. This type of dentures is constructed from a thin, heat-sensitive type of plastic.

  • Who should opt for partial dentures?

Partial dentures are ideal for various people who need to replace missing gaps at affordable and less-complicated procedures. Remember, implants are not only expensive but also take longer to heal. Partial dentures are ideal for anyone who wants to address speech and aesthetic problems that are mainly associated with missing teeth. 

  • How do you take care of partial dentures?

Lastly, you might also want to know about the after-care procedure for partial dentures. The best thing is that the procedure isn’t as complex as that of major surgery or dental implants. For instance, the first instruction that you’ll get from your doctor is removing the dentures when going to bed and soaking them in water or dental solution. You must also wear the dentures regularly within the first weeks so that the doctor can correct the parts that don’t feel well and may cause discomfort in the future. Besides soaking, you must also clean the dentures regularly with a bristle brush the denture paste recommended by your doctor. Please don’t make the mistake of using regular toothpaste as it can cause abrasiveness leading to damage.

It is important to note that your mouth will continue to change in size and may increase dental requirements. Partial dentures require that you visit your surgeon regularly for adjustments, repair, or replacement. It would be best if you also watched out for any sores that may arise as a result of the dentures and inform the doctor immediately. Untreated sores can lead to infections, which can be detrimental to the gum and tongue health.

You have everything you need to convince yourself that partial dentures are the right remedy for you, especially if you need to restore that self-confidence. Remember, you need the confidence to do various things in life, including excelling career-wise and dating. 

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