Essential Roles Of a Property Manager


A property manager is an individual who is hired to oversee the real estate’s investment operation for a landlord. These managers play integral roles to ensure the success of that investment. However, it’s their duties to control various aspects for both tenants and the property.

It is through the control that brings a great deal and responsibility. Here are the four key aspects that a real estate manager outsources for a real estate investment agency:

Property Maintenance

When concerned about property maintenance, its the role of a real estate manager to ensure that the investor’s property stays in good condition and also fit for the tenant to feel comfortable.

Even though, there are specific details that are within the tenancy agreement. Generally, the role of a property manager is to play the following tasks:

l  Making some emergency repairs

l  Fixing light bulbs

l  Installing smoke alarms when broken

l  Making sure drains and gutters are clear

l  Pest inspections in the property

When there is a property that is vacant, the role of the manager is to ensure its safe and secure. Moreover, he should avoid any form of vandalism in the real estate property.


As a property many, you have to play an essential role in handling the rent for your landlord. However, it’s not an easy task without the skills and understanding of how to manage tenants.

Moreover, real estate managers need to be experts in this real estate industry. The managers are also expected to perform various functions such as setting rent price and even adjusting it in accordance to the duration of management.

The other essential role of a property manager is to oversee the rent collection that the tenants have to pay. It includes even penalties if the tenant is late to pay.

Budgets And Paperwork

You often find that the landlords will set some spending budget for a property manager so that they can use for emergencies and during maintenances. As a qualified real estate manager, he must use the budget judiciously and also keep proper records on all matters that have a relation to the landlord’s property.

Some of the records that a property needs to keep include inspection list, rent collection, repairing and maintenance costs, lease agreements, and insurance costs.

The other important factor for a property manager is the qualification. You must have passed through various training, be audible and understanding the roles you play in real estate properties.


It is a hard task for a landlord to manage the tenants. Most landlords are busy people, and that’s why they aim at hiring the best property managers.

Some of the companies own real estate properties but outsource the role to other companies. As a manager, you will have the task of managing the tenants.

On the other hand, it’s the role of a manager to find, screen and manage all the tenants on behalf of the landlord. That is the main point where the tenants can contact. It means that it’s the objective of a property manager to handle some things such as complaints, move outs, leases, evictions, and mostly emergencies.

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