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Effects of Electromagnetic Radiations on Animals & Benefits of Mobile Phone Radiation Blocker


Mobile phones and other technological developments have transformed the way telecommunication had been done. Mobile phone network has twirled the world overall and has deeply affected our ecosystem. This has even tremendously affected the animals especially due to the RF radiation from the base stations as well as from mobile antennas.

The dangerous effects are electromagnetic pollution which is no lesser than any other structure of the environmental pollution. These radiations unswervingly affect the bio molecules such as DNA and then produce the genetic as well as genotoxic faults. Apart from human neuronal harms, changes in behavior have been seen  in the insects or birds as well as animals. 

Locomotory problems have been seen in birds which resulting into inability of the birds to take to the air. The radiation can sway the reproductive ability of birds as well as animals and humans also. This, thus is a serious not and need phone radiation blocker

Effects on Animals

Animal cells divide quickly suffer the most solemn damage during the acute exposure. Cells in lymphatic tissue and the bone marrow are particularly susceptible, as are the speedily-dividing cells in the inside layer of the mammal’s gastrointestinal area. Enormous doses of this radiation can cause diarrhea, puking, interior bleeding, anemia, permanent sterilization, death, etc.

Introduction to elevated levels of radiation can also cause enduring damage to the cellular DNA that could cause cancer. The effects that were seen on mice have possibly been studied most broadly, since mice were used in numerous experiments with the radiation waves.

How to Protect Animals from Radiation

With all of the above, you should use and fix mobile phone radiation blocker on the Cell 

Phone to neutralize the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation that are emitted by these.  For more information try connecting with Vortex Bioshield.

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