Effective ways to speed up woo-commerce store and sales:


Having a quick store is a no-brainer if you want customers to browse your site and purchase more of your stuff. Instant satisfaction is the norm these days. People do not have the patience to wait in line at the store or even at Starbucks, let alone for Netflix to buffer. Customers will quit your business and purchase from your competition if your product pages take too long to load. So, to keep your customer stick to your website, it is beneficial if you could check here leading WooCommerce development company.

To assist you in speeding up your WooCommerce store and achieving the all-important aim of having a quick and efficient site, here are some crucial procedures worth examining regularly to keep your business working smoothly.

  •       Know the size of the store:

Size counts when it comes to internet shops. The file size of your product pages, including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files, as well as graphics, contributes to the speed of your page load. Customers will have to wait for items like photographs and files to fully load before they can browse and/or make a purchase if the file size of a specific product page is large.

Pingdom is an easy-to-use interface that incorporates a real-time page loading waterfall analysis while the programme scans your site. When a scan is finished, you will be given a performance score out of 100, as well as the load time, page size, and the number of server queries.

You may also have access to performance insights, which, when opened, reveal further information about individual files on your site that are taking too long to load.

  •       Use better quality hosting:

Many online shops begin with low-cost shared web hosting. This makes great sense. There is no use in investing in pricey VPS or dedicated hosting when you are just getting started, and your business does not get much traffic. However, when your shop develops, traffic increases and your bandwidth requirements begin to surpass your shared hosting, you will fast outgrow it. This is when you realise it is time to start looking for a better hosting package that includes the extra disc space, RAM, and bandwidth your shop needs to grow.

It is critical to keep track of the resources your business uses each month so you will know when it is time to improve your hosting package or switch to a new provider. You can accomplish this by getting into cPanel or your host’s dashboard and viewing your site’s resource consumption information — keep an eye out for your bandwidth utilisation and disc space availability. Your shop will have more room to develop and will load quicker and more effectively for customers if you increase your hosting package.

  •       Always try to use compressed images:

Image-heavy shops might take a long time to load. Every picture generates another HTTP request, adding to the amount of time your clients must wait for pages to load. Pictures make up a massive 51 per cent of all site content and contribute to 50 per cent of page load time, thus optimising images is critical. Plugins like Imagify can automatically optimise and compress your JPG, PNG, and GIF files, lowering their size by up to 70% without affecting picture quality.

  •       Use CDN:

CDNs have aided in the resolution of the internet’s geographical distance problem between users and servers. If you have a large number of consumers in various countries, it is worthwhile to invest in a good CDN.

When a consumer visits your shop from a location close to the server where your site is housed, the content of your store does not have to travel far to reach their browser. However, if the consumer resides on the other side of the county, or even on another continent, each content packet must travel considerably longer, resulting in slower page load rates.

  •       Use quality caching plugin:

Caching is an excellent step for store owners who wish to quickly and cheaply speed up their store. A caching plugin, in essence, produces and maintains a static version of your store so that when a consumer comes to shop with you, they will view a cached version of your product pages. The beautiful thing about WordPress caching is that it happens without the consumer even realising it.

They are viewing material that they have already downloaded. Caching reduces the amount of data exchanged between the customer’s browser, the WordPress database, and the web server, resulting in speedier loading times. If you use a caching plugin on your WooCommerce site, make sure to exclude the following pages from the cache:

Ø  Cart

Ø  My Account

Ø  Checkout

These pages, as well as other features such as cart widgets, must stay dynamic since they present information that is unique to the present consumer. Because your cart and checkout pages cannot be cached but are critical to conversions, you must pay extra attention to their performance. You must do everything possible to streamline these pages and remove any extraneous materials.

  •       Always Stay updated:

If you fail to update WordPress, WooCommerce, and the plugins that run your business, you will most likely miss out on performance gains. With each WooCommerce update, core engineers seek to improve the platform, which frequently includes speed and performance improvements.

Running the most recent versions of the core software and any extensions you use will help safeguard your site against known security risks and vulnerabilities that might compromise your business. So, if you are using an earlier version of WooCommerce or out-of-date plugins, now is the time to start upgrading your store regularly.

  •       optimize your Store’s Database:

Cleaning out your database will assist speed up your site so it loads faster and clear up considerable space for your store to function more efficiently in larger stores. Many service providers offer database optimization; simply click on the database in the Application settings to activate this simple functionality. Simply choose the options you wish to sweep and click save and optimise to clean up your database. Then, they will begin improving your database.

A Fast Store is the better store:

Increasing the speed of your online business will not only keep your consumers pleased and returning for more, but it will also ideally inspire more purchases and help your shop expand. Do not forget to test your store frequently to check that everything is working perfectly.

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