Easy Tips for towing a vehicle!


Vehicle towing happens all the time and if you happen to find yourself in a difficult situation where you need to get a vehicle towed, you will be better off if you know a thing or two about vehicle towing. A very important aspect in vehicle towing is keeping safe. Sometimes people are only interested in towing a vehicle away they forget to do the basics that will help ensure that they stay safe throughout the towing process.

In this guide we have tried to put together some tips on Towing Car Service. It includes tips for ensuring safety, tips for carrying towing system, and some do’s and don’ts when towing.

Ensure safety when towing

Irrespective of the type of Emergency Roadside Assistance system that you are using, it is always advisable to check the system for safety. To check the system, it has to be hooked up first to the vehicle to be towed. Then tow the attached vehicle for at least 100 feet. After towing for this distance, stop and check the straps, bolts and chains to see if they are still in the right position. Once you are certain that all is in place, continue with the towing. However, make sure to repeat the safety check after the first 5 miles and thereafter after every 50 miles. There are different types of Emergency Road Service available in market today that you can use in emergency situation.

Loading car carrier

Before starting with the towing process, the vehicle will have to be loaded. This process involves a lot of care if things are to go right. Before starting, make sure all brakes; parking and emergency are securely in place. When the safety chains and bed lock down are in the right position, the car to be towed should be moved to the car carrier ensuring that it is set to park or in gear. When it comes to unloading, make sure the car carrier remains hooked to the truck until the towed car is removed.

Dos and don’ts

Below are some dos and don’ts when towing heavy vehicles;

  • Endeavour to read any towing instructions with the manual that comes with the Car Recovery Breakdown
  • Make sure to load towed vehicle to car carrier only after the carrier is completely hooked to the truck and service should be provided by Car Recovery Services
  • Make sure the truck mirrors are properly adjusted to ensure that you get a clear view of the car that is being towed.
  • Make sure to drive at a slow speed. Ideally 45mph or lower is recommended
  • Avoid sudden brakes especially when on a slope
  • Make sure there is no passenger or cargo in the towed vehicle.

These are just a few tips to ensure that the Car Breakdown Service process goes hitch free. At all times during the towing process and car recovery process, all those involved to endeavor to stay safe.


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