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Data loss is a thing that happens more frequently than you would think. Mainly because it happens when you least expect it. Your hard drive may become corrupted and damaged. You may come under a surprise virus attack, or your OS may just crash on you. Afterward, you are left scrambling to figure out how exactly you can recover files that you have put hard work into, or things that are simply precious. Luckily, for these and many other data loss situations, there is a file recovery software that you can use to get it all back. Even better, it is a free data recover software: the EaseUS data recovery wizard.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover documents, pictures, video, over a thousand different file types with its simple-to-use system, and it can recover these items from lost partitions, formatting, emptied recycled bins, RAW partitions, and simple accidental deletions. All it takes is three easy steps, all of which can be done in three easy clicks. It also requires no prior experience to use. Once you have downloaded the software and gotten it ready to use, select whatever device you want to recover data from. Selections can range from a laptop, camera, phone, external hard drives and USBs, memory cards, etc. Then you can apply the first step needed in data recovery. Using the interface, select the location where you lost the data.

Now that you are in the area you lost the data in, you can go ahead and click “Scan.” Ease US Data Recovery wizard has two different scanning functions. The first is the “Quick Scan.” The quick scan is exactly what it sounds like. It scans over your selected area on the device and checks for deleted data with a basic algorithm; it then relays the results back to you. The second scanning function is the called the “Deep Scan.” The deep scan through your entire device thoroughly. It looks through it sector by sector in order to search out deleted data in order to assure full recovery.

Now that your device has been scanned, you have the ability to preview the files and data presented to you. You can read through emails, watch videos, look at graphics, scan over documents, and listen to lost audio. Again, the software recovers over a 1000 different file types, so you do not have to worry if something you lost was not saved under an everyday file type. You can pick and choose what data you like to recover in order to avoid unnecessary recoveries.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Software needs at least 32 MB of space, minimum in order to be installed. CPU needs to be at least x86, and RAM needs to at least be at 128 MB. By default, the free version of the wizard allows you to recover over 500 MB of data.  If you share EaseUS Data Recovery over Facebook, Twitter, or your Google+ account, you can get an additional 1.5 MB added for free.

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